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ACFT Calculator – New Army Score Chart

ACFT Calculator – New Army Score Chart – Updated 15OCT19

If you need a ACFT Calculator tool to figure out the crazy calculations of the New Army Score Chart. Not a problem, we will make sure you have the most up to date ACFT Calculator and the best tools. Enjoy!

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DA PAM 611-21_Figure 10-2-1 Enlisted OPAT Physical Demand Categories DA PAM 611-21_Table 3-1-1 Officer OPAT Physical Demands Categories 2 DA PAM 611-21_Figure 8-4-1 Warrant Officer OPAT Physical Demands Categories
Physical Demands Category for ACFT Standards by MOS Officer - Physical Demands Category for ACFT Standards by MOS Warrant - Physical Demands Category for ACFT Standards by MOS

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All right, I got some exciting news so the new ACFT calculator is now built.  Wow! Learning about HTML , putting it onto FTP server and all this stuff… It took awhile but I am happy to say it is finished. So, this is the instructions for the ACFT calculator.

I’m going to show you how to get there on the website. it is it’s right here next to the home button, click on the ACFT calculator button. You’re gonna scroll down and as you can see it is a slide bar. Okay so, the cool thing about this calculator is you can calculate your ACFT score,  and kind of guess where you’re at. So, if say you went to the gym and you know you did say, 190 pounds for at least 10 reps right? So,  then you know you could do probably 230 or whatever for three reps. This ACFT calculator allows you to play around with it. Slide it up and down.  It also you know, gives you a good prediction on where you’re at with your ACFT score.

Calculator for ACFT will Calculate Pass or Fail on the New Army Score Chart

So as you can see right now, The category that you’re on right now because,  you have zero points and all these the hand release push-up, sprint drag carry, the leg tuck,  the two-mile run, you have zero points. Meaning you failed your ACFT test. So, once you slide these bars up to ACFT standard, it will tell you where you are on the ACFT standards chart.  So, as you can see here all you need is one.

What is it… one leg tuck right here – which is kind of kind of sad, you only need one leg tuck but, one leg tuck will get you to the moderate physical demand ACFT category. So, say you can do six reps, you could put it here. You’ll get 72 points on your ACFT score chart. If you run an 18 minute 2 mile,  good 69 points on your ACFT score chart and you’re in the moderate category for the ACFT. So, first knowing where you’re at on the MOS standards. You can find out what category you are in by looking at the standards by MOS chart. 

ACFT Standards by MOS Calculator

What you are going to need to do is just look at your MOS category. I also have that on the website too. So you just go to standards by MOS. You can also download this standards by MOS form.  I have it on downloadable format for everybody. This is the MOS standards. So, you can calculate your ACFT score and what you’re going to need. So, see how the MOS standard chart said moderate, heavy,  significant. Depending on your MOS . Obviously you need to know where you’re at. So, we’re gonna go back to the ACFT calculator.

Like I said, I wanted to make a slide bar, I worked very hard on it for everybody. So,  hopefully it’s useful for you guys. I’m also because, I know a lot of guys that work in the training room they have to calculate PT scores all the time and they generally type in ACFT score with numbers and it’ll tell you if you pass or fail.

The ACFT calculator with a slide-bar they can use this too but, I feel like it would be a lot easier for them to use an ACFT calculator with something like typing it in you know? Type in the number of reps you did or,  type in the time you ran your two mile run in and then it’ll tell you if you pass or fail your ACFT.  That will be getting done this week. So, I’ll hopefully I’ll have that ACFT calculator up for everybody this week.

So, we’ll give you two options for ACFT calculators options. You’ll have the slide-bar ACFT calculator and then you also have to type-in ACFT calculator and then what’s coming next? It will be THE APP ACFT calculator. So you guys can have it on your cell phones because, I know everybody’s on their cell phones.

How Can We Improve the ACFT Calculator?

I don’t know if there’s any ideas you have for the calculator,  anything you don’t like about the slide bar calculator or anything that you would like to add? Just let me know I’ll work on it as hard as I can and then I’ll get it running for you. Also, if you have any great workout tips for the ACFT, ideas,  if you took the ACFT please let us know how it was. Even if you don’t like going on camera you can just type it to me and I’ll put it on the website.

People really want to know. They’re there wondering you know? What’s ACFT like? Is the ACFT hard? Is the ACFT easy? I’m getting mixed reviews as of right now. it’s too easier, oh man it’s really hard…  So, I’d love to hear what your opinion is on the ACFT. So, you can either email me, you can just write it in the comments, whatever It is. Just please hit me up and let me know. So, I can share with others. Again I worked really hard on this calculator for you guys. So, I hope it is very useful for you and I look forward to seeing you guys soon. Take care.

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ACFT Calculator – Instructions PDF

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Moderate OPAT Physical Demands Category
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