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ACFT Hex Bar Deadlift

The ACFT Hex Bar Deadlift in my opinion, is the best new event on the Army’s new PT test. Why? Well, let’s get serious. You can be good at running and get a 100% on your ACFT test anymore. Is running important? Absolutely it is! But, running isn’t everything. That is why the new ACFT PT test is amazing. Now let’s get into some proper form and technique with PumpChasers!

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ACFT Events: #1 Event – Three Rep Max Deadlift

Oh! All right guys, um when you get the upper/lower program I’m actually gonna have deadlifts as an option. You can do rack pulls below the knee or you can do trap bar deadlifts or you can do regular deadlifts.  I’m gonna have a tutorial video very similar steal quick rundown on my blog of tripod deadlifts keep my tutorials coming very soon how they’re gonna see this again but more in detail. Long story short put your feet by shoulder width or slightly wider the feet stance is ganna vary person to person. Limb length, hip width all that makes a difference when it comes to feet stance. That kills me when people just give you where to put your feet. Fuck that, you put your feet where it will feel comfortable for you.

About Getting “Deep”

You want to hit depth comfortably. For me that’s about hit with a little bit outside my shoulders. Now, what you do is squat down. This is a tricky part. Get from the side now, look what you don’t want to do is squat down. What you don’t want to do, is come back. You want to come down in back of the set at the same time. Don’t just come straight down. Don’t just come straight back. It’s a towering back motion okay? Now, I’ll be back now once you feel those glutes and hams tighten up. That’s when you know you’re right at the point where you have great maximum tension okay? 

All About FORM!

So not straight down, not straight back, down in back now you feel the tightness or at the ball. That’s what you want.You want to maintain that level of tightness. Now look at my chest, my Chin’s pointing at the ground. Bring the chest up, get those shoulder blades back, now look all in the heels I feel all the way to my knees right now. My hands are nice and tight, Alright, weight on my heels, hands tight, chest up, keep my head straight, spine neutral.

Now, stand up correctly and full attention. See how I’m standing straight up, back down to a position. What you don’t want to do with this is bad for your back. Also you want to reset every rep, you want it for the maximum tension then come up. So what you do is… you come up. Then come to a dead stop. That’s why it is called a DEADLIFT.  Alright let’s go baby. Anybody talk shit on my baby would get blocked. My baby try to get back lean. OK! Don’t talk shit on a my woman! She in the gym, she workin’ on it! Hell! 


Events #1 – How to Dead-Lift with a Hex-bar.pdf

Three Rep Max Deadlift MP3:


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