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The ACFT Information Pages were created to help soldiers learn all about the the new PT test. The information pages below will answer any questions Soldiers may have when is come to Standards, Procedures and Grading the Army’s new PT test.

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New Army PT Test Standards by MOS
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ACFT Calculator
ACFT Events
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ACFT Alternate Events

We have broken the Army Combat Fitness Test into specific Information categories.

Scroll down to each category to view a brief description on information you will find on each page. Our goal is to help you answer any question you may have pertaining to the Army Combat Fitness Test.

ACFT Standards by MOS

The ACFT Standards by MOS section of the website is so important. We need to understand that the new PT test is graded strictly by our MOS Categories now. Your MOS is also listed in to 3 subcategories of Enlisted, Officer and Warrant Officer. This may get a little confusing but that is why we build the MOS Calculator for you. All you need to do is type in your MOS and we’ll do the rest.

Link to Standards by MOS

MOS Calculator

ACFT Score Chart

The ACFT Score Chart is the grading scale we will use on test day. Depending on your MOS and what category you fall under, you will need to meet the Army’s Standards for each event. The Score chart will show you each event and the standard for the follow:

  • Time to complete each event
  • Reps needed to meet the Standard
  • Weight needed to meet the standard

ACFT Calculator

If you hate charts and you hate doing math even more… You are in luck! We have created a tool called the ACFT Calculator. With this high-speed calculator you just need to move the slider tool and it will calculator your totals for you. Once you are done sliding the tool for each event it will let you know if you pass or fail the Army’s new PT test. Give it a try!

ACFT Events

The ACFT Events page is very extensive. The Events page is broken down into

ACFT Alternate Events

As we all know the injury bug can hit us all. So the Army made alternate events for those of us who are on profile. If you are unable to run the 2 Mile Event on the ACFT, you will want to look at the ACFT Alternate Events page. You will learn all about the 3 events the Army made for soldiers on profile.

ACFT Scorecard

The ACFT Score Card is a lot different than the APFT Score Card. We now have 6 events instead of 3. If you do not have the new score card, go to this section of the website and get yourself a copy.

Information on all pages

As you should know we are a websites dedicated to bringing you updated information from the following sources

Our main Goal is to help the Army achieve “No Failures” when it comes to the ACFT. Is that possible? Probably not, but we will die trying.

If you are looking to increase your ACFT Score, I would highly recommend you checkout the Ultimate Guide Section. Here you will find every tip, trick or advantage you can find on getting a better ACFT score.