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ACFT Score Chart

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OPAT Physical Demands Categories


OPAT Physical Demands Categories

Warrant Officer

OPAT Physical Demands Categories

Physical Demands Category for ACFT Standards by MOS Officer - Physical Demands Category for ACFT Standards by MOS Warrant - Physical Demands Category for ACFT Standards by MOS

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Remember MEPS?

Getting your ACFT MOS Standards all starts a long time ago. In a far off land named the Army recruiter’s office. Remember MEPS? The OPAT scoring allows the Army to see if you are able to perform to “standards” by MOS. The minimum passing scores for each category are as follows:

Heavy (black) category

  • Standing long jump: 160 centimeters

  • Seated power throw: 450 centimeters
  • Strength deadlift: 160 pounds
  • Interval run: 43 shuttles

Significant (gray) category

  • Standing long jump: 140 centimeters

  • Seated power throw: 400 centimeters
  • Strength deadlift: 140 pounds
  • Interval run: 40 shuttles

Moderate (gold) category

  • Standing long jump: 120 centimeters

  • Seated power throw: 350 centimeters
  • Strength deadlift: 120 pounds
  • Interval run: 36 shuttles

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Standards by MOS PDF


Standards by MOS PDF


Standards by MOS PDF

Physical Demands Category for ACFT Standards by MOS Officer - Physical Demands Category for ACFT Standards by MOS Warrant - Physical Demands Category for ACFT Standards by MOS

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NEW ACFT Standards for FY20 (OCT 2019)

Download ACFT Score Scale PDF

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New ACFT Standards FY20 01OCT19.PDF

MOS Army Standards Score Chart pdf Download
NEW UPDATED – FY 2020 OCT 1 – Standards by MOS – Category Standards

Below is the OLD ACFT Standards

(I left it just incase you like to look at the difference)

OLD mos Standards Army PDF
ACFT Standards by MOS – Category Standards

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4 Simple Steps: Find Your Standard by MOS and see where you rank on the ACFT Score Chart

What’s going on this is Rob Gibson coming to show you how to get your ACFT standards score by mos. 


Steps for ACFT by MOS Standards

Step 1 –

Okay, to see what your score needs to be for the ACFT by your MOS category, it’s four simple steps. Four simple steps I’m going to share with you, it’s real quick, it’s easy, it’s all here on not only that… it’s all free and downloadable! What we’re gonna do here is we’re  go to ACFT events and standards. Scroll down to ACFT standards by MOS. Click on that, it’s gonna bring you to this page right here. All-right you’re gonna scroll down alright, that’s step one. 


2nd Step – 

You’re gonna scroll down to the chart ok? The chart 10 – 2 – 1 Enlisted OPAT Physical Demand Categories. Here you will find every MOS, all you need to do is just click on it.  Ok, you can download it, print it, do whatever you need to do, or you can just look on the site every time you need to figure out the category alright? You have moderate you have significant and then you also have Heavy. Heavy is the hardest it goes moderates, Significant, then Heavy; In that order. Alright, once you find your MOS you’ll find out what your demand is. 


Step 3 –

We’re gonna come down to the score chart, there you can see the ACFT score chart. Ok, all you need to do is click on that (the ACFT score chart) once you click on that you already know what your demand is ok? So, you have heavy, significant and moderate now. These are the minimums ok? This is the minimum you can get if you’re in moderate category, significant or heavy.

The maximum you can get is for everybody not only is the ACFT score chart by MOS gender neutral but for a max ACFT score it is MOS neutral on maxing out. Okay so, these are the max scores for everybody in the Army. Once you have that, you know what your minimum is; You know what your maximum is and say you have some funky numbers that you need to play around with but, you want to see where you’re at you’re going to rank on your MOS standards. Go to the ACFT Calculator. 


4th Step –

The ACFT calculator again, is on and everything is FREE. You’re gonna go to the calculator, once you get to the calculator you can play around with these numbers and see exactly where you are. Let say in the Dead Lift I did 201 pounds right? Three times. Threw the med ball, nine point five meters.

I did forty two push-ups… Hand Release Push Ups. The sprint drag carry in three minutes flat. A lot of Army Leg Tucks, got fourteen of them and my two-mile run I almost maxed out I got a thirteen forty-four okay? Now, you know your score is at a 479. That is the Moderate category. If I am in the Heavy category… I’m not passing okay?


So, we know that we’re not passing for our MOS. Again, this allows you to get a little personal because we all have different scores on different ACFT events. You’ll be going to the gym. Working out at PT and able to test this out and kind of have an Idea and know where you’re at.

Also, we’re going to be doing a lot of practice testing I’m sure for the new Army PT test. You’re going to have these tools to make estimates on where you’re at on the ACFT calculator. It is great for just calculating for you. You don’t have to sit there and take half a day on doing the math and where you’re at. Okay? 

Hope this Helps

Again, this is Rob Gibson. I hope this website is very helpful for you guys. If there’s anything else you guys need or if they have any questions. You can leave it in below in the blog post. The whole website open to comments on any page or post.  Not only that but, you can always email me at and I’m here for you guys. To help you out with anything and any questions you have.

I will get back to you as soon as possible and if you have any great workouts ideas. Ideas that will help people get better at their ACFT scores.  Please send them this way and I will put you on here. Send me the YouTube video whatever it is and we’ll put you on Alright, everybody have a great day, keep training!


ACFT MOS List Breakdown

The ACFT MOS list breakdown is explained here. As I have stated before Chris is one of my favorite guys on YouTube. He know how to breakdown info and deliver it to you in a very easy to digest manner. Enjoy


In this video we were talking about military occupational skills in the United States Army, otherwise known as an MOS.

What’s up friends? I am a US Army veteran, Christopher Chaos and in this video I’m going to be talking about MOS or Military Occupational Skills for the US army. Now some of you out there may have seen stuff like in comments from my videos. Other veterans or active duty military guys where someone may be asking them what is your MOS or what was your MOS or maybe you’re just hearing it maybe out in public, where someone is talking to a veteran or an active duty army guy and asking them about their MOS.

MOS List Breakdown Intro

So the MOS is a designator that is assigned to that soldier to represent whatever it is that they do in the Army, what their job is, what their occupation is in the US Army. Now for this video, I’m mainly just going to break down enlisted soldier MOSs because that’s kind of where the bulk is at unless we’re talking about aviation because aviation has a bunch for a warrant officers and then there are some other fields that have a lot of officer MOSs that are not enlisted but as a whole majority of the MOS designators are mainly enlisted.

ASVAB Scores = MOS List Capabilities

So first things first, when a soldier joins the army, usually they decide what they want to do in the army with a recruiter. Now based on their ASVAB score and physicals and other stuff then that’s where they are able to decide what MOS they qualify for and what they would like to do in the army.

They then sign a contract and then sooner or later they’re off to basic training. After a soldier completes basic training, then they start the process of learning how to do that skill in the US Army. This school is commonly known as AIT or Advanced Individual Training.

Your MOS List, Basic Training and AIT

So soldiers will do basic training in one location and then often go somewhere else for AIT but that’s not always the case. For example an infantry soldier. They may do their basic training in Fort Benning. Then stay in Fort Benning to continue doing their infantry training.

Now for other skills they may do their basic training in one location, take off to another and then depending on what their skill is, will determine how long they’re going to be doing their AIT for. As an example, in 1999, I went to basic training in Fort Benning, Georgia.

After I was done with my eight weeks of basic training. I went to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri for five weeks 488 Mike training which is transportation. So that is how a soldier does their training to do their military occupational skill.

ACFT MOS List Breakdown Details

Now let’s talk about the actual MOS itself. That way maybe you have a better understanding of when someone says that they are in 88 Mike or were an 11 Bravo or whatever the case might be. Maybe have a little bit better understanding of what that means.

So now there are two parts to that MOS designator. One being a number, which that number represents the branch or the field of expertise that soldier works in. The next piece is a letter and that letter designator kind of breaks down a little bit more to say what exactly they do in that branch or expertise.

So there are over a hundred MOSs. I cannot break down every single one, so we’re going to grab a handful of them but we are going to go through basically almost every category.

There are some really special categories that may only have one MOS. They may only really be full officers. So be aware that I am not going to break down in this video every single branch in every single MOS.


Now it’s probably also important to note that some of these MOS designators do change. In fact there may even be some in this video that I may talk about that may have already changed and I’m just not aware of it.  What the army will do is sometimes they’ll realize that hey this job and this job if we combine them together, it’ll be a lot simpler and we’ll just have this new designator to represent this job of combining these two together.

So sometimes the army will do that. So I apologize if there are some designators in here that I talked about that have already changed to something else. Next I’m going to go through some of the MOSs in the different branches just so you have a general idea of what number represents what branch and a few of the MOSs that are involved with it.


I cannot go through every single one, so I’m just going to pick and choose a handful here and there, out of each branch and talk maybe just really briefly about it to tell you what it is. 

ACFT MOS List by Series Number


acft mos list 11b

So first up, let’s get into the 11 series which is the infantry branch. One of them that you may already be familiar with, which is an 11 Bravo and that is an infantryman. Also inside 11 series is 11 Charlie, which is a mortar man. And then there are a couple other ones that are or kind of involved with senior leaders and officers.


acft mos list firefighter

Let’s move on to the 12 series which are the engineers. We have a 12 Bravo, which is a combat engineer, we have a 12 Kilo, which is a plumber and no that doesn’t mean they run around unclogging toilets and stuff, usually they’re laying like pipes for water to be able to get to people maybe set in that portable showers or something usually along those lines, they’re not like your plumber, like you would think of in a civilian world. 

You also have a 12 Mike. Which is a firefighter and a 12 Yankee which is a geospatial engineer


Let’s move on a 13 series, which is the field artillery branch. You have a 13 Foxtrot, which is a fire support specialist, you have a 13 Bravo, which is a cannon crewman and a 13 Juliet which is a fire control specialist. 


ACFT mos list 14e

So under the 14 series which is an air defense Artillery branch, you have a 14 Echo, which is a patriot fire control operator, you have a 14 Hotel which is an air defense warning system operator. You have a 14 CR which is an Avenger crew member.

And no we’re not talking about Marvel’s Avengers here and a 14 tango which is a patriot launching station operator. 


acft mos list 15w

Next we have the 15 series which is the aviation branch. Most of the aviation MOSs are warrant officers but there are a good handful of enlisted MOSs.

For example we have a 15 Foxtrot, which is an aircraft electrician. 15 November is an avionics mechanic and a 15 Whiskey which is an unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operator or UAV operator.



You then have your 18 series which is your Special Forces. It is important to note that this is not a branch you can just go to AIT for. You join the army and then you go through another selection thing that involves being selected for the Special Forces and then whatever MOS you had then moves over to this Special Forces MOS.

So in this category, you have an 18 Bravo which is a Special Forces weapons sergeant. An 18 Delta, which is a Special Forces medical sergeant and an 18 Foxtrot which is a Special Forces intelligence sergeant.


19k mos

Your 19 series is going to be your armor, a 19 Delta is a CAF Scout and a 19 Kilo which is your M1 Abrams crewmen. The 25 series is going to be the Signal Corps. 25 Charlie is a radio operator and maintainer. A 25 Mike is a multimedia illustrator and a 25 Uniformed is a signal support system specialist.


31b MP

Your 31 series is going to be your military police, 31 Bravo is a military police officer and 31 Delta is your CID special agent. 



The 68 series is going to be the medical department. Now a lot of the MOSs in the medical field are all 68 series but the enlisted side is on the 68 series. There are actually a lot of MOSs in the medical field. That involves officers and warrant officers that is not a 68 but again we’re talking about the enlisted side. So let’s talk about a couple of the enlisted MOSs in the medical field.

A 68 Echo is a dental specialist. A 68 Foxtrot is a physical therapy specialist and your 68 Whiskey is your combat medic specialist. 



Next up, we have your 88 series, which is your logistical branch. That is what I was when I was in the Army. Now that includes things like an 88 Hotel which is a cargo specialist, an 88 Lima which is a watercraft engineer and an 88 Mike which is what my MOS was and that is a motor transportation operator.



Now 89, 91 and 94 series are going to be ammunition and ordnance and other things of that kind are bundled in there.


Those are things like an 89 Bravo which is an ammo specialist,



91 Gulf which is a fire control repair and a 94 Sierra which is a patriot systems repairer. The 92 series is your quartermaster branch, those are things like a 92 Foxtrot which is a petroleum specialist and a 92 Yankee which is your unit supply specialist.

Sum it up for us Chris

So there you go, they’re a good handful of MOSs in the US Army. There are a ton more that I cannot just put in this same video because it would be hours long. Most likely if I was explaining every single MOS in the Army.

Now later I might do a video that breaks down just one branch. In one video and if that’s something you’d be interested in. Make sure to leave me some comments down below and maybe I’ll create that here in the future.

Comments for Chris and his ACFT MOS List Description

If you are currently in the US Army or US Army veteran, maybe you are homeless? Leave your comments down below. Also if you’re about to go into the army, let me know what MOS you’re interested in.

So thank you for watching the video! If you liked it, make sure to hit that thumbs up. You want to check out more videos. I got some over here that you can check out and if you’re new here.  You want to see more from me make sure to hit that subscribe button.

Thanks for watching, I’m Christopher Chaos and I will see you next time. See you

Matt Ward’s Opinions on the new ACFT standards by MOS:

See more of Matt Ward’s Videos –

Matt Ward

 YouTube Channel click here

Matt is Upset and I don’t Blame him

I am like legitimately upset about this. It may seem stupid to a few of you guys out there that are like why are you so upset about this and it’s because I don’t want the army to become softer right? I don’t want the army to be less physically capable and the scores that I am seeing on this proposed ACFT tests are going to do just that. In my opinion now, I think it’s great to make the PT test you know, in a way that you’re gonna be more combat ready if you pass the PT test but, to make these standards so low.

From what I’m seeing from the these proposals whenever I made my video on the ACFT test there wasn’t really anything that came out and from what I’m looking at here. I think it’s August 4th, so very recently that this most recent proposal has come out and so I’m looking at these scores and I’m just thinking to myself oh my gosh! I am gonna kind of write it off and I’ll probably display the scores and everything but I’m just looking at these.

Gender-Neutral a Problem?

I’m just like, why you know it’s a great thing that they’re making the PT test you know gender-neutral. I think that is something that we kind of needed in the military you know? With the females doing more combat related MOS-es I think that’s great. One of the problems I think is arising from this is that the PT test is also age neutral and the only thing that’s gonna matter whether or not you’re gonna have to do one pt score minimum versus another.

A minimum is your MOS and how much combat your MOS is going to see. You’re gonna have basically if you guys you know, if you join the military you’re gonna have to take this test called the OPAT and you’re gonna be in these categories like heavy, medium or, light or, something like that. There’s three different categories the more combat-related your MOS the more physically capable you have to be.

October 2020

It’s the same thing with the new PT test the ACFT test which is gonna be implemented in October of 2020. So we got about two years or so and looking at these scores like even for the heavy in my opinion, I don’t think it’s good enough. I was expecting basically it to be like the minimum of the non-combat relatedness is to be the minimum of the heavy like for infantry. Why in the world is the minimum run time now 18 minutes for infantry soldiers.

Mud Soldier MOS Standards ARMY ACFT
ACFT Standards by MOS – Infantry Soldier

It used to be like 16:30 if you were like 17 to 21. Why did they make that so much easier for the minimum? I understand like, maybe increasing the maximum right because right now the 300 is the maximum you can get for the PT test. You can get more than a 300 on the extended scale right?

My max on the extended scale has been 338 points even though in the books it’s just a straight of 300. People are able to score higher I don’t see any harm in making the maximum like very difficult to get. Like if you get the maximum like you are just outstanding. Now, a lot of people can get the maximum on the PT test but to make the minimum lower is I think pretty ridiculous. now I think, the age is having a factor with this right?

Age Difference

Right now, if you are an 18 year old infantry soldier versus a 45 year old Sergeant Major or something like that, you are gonna have these same standard for your PT test. Now, this isn’t like a gender thing right? We’re not comparing an 18 year old male versus an 18 year old female. We are comparing an 18 year old soldier versus a 40-something year old soldier or in some cases you know 50s.

I think that’s a little bit different than comparing to 18 year olds of different sexes versus somebody of the same or different sexes. We’re comparing basically now an 18 year old male to a 45 year old female right? The older you are, you know you’re not going to be able to do as well on the PT test.

That’s just gonna be like, that’s how it goes right now. The older you get for like five maybe six years four or five years something like that about every five years or so, the PT test has standards get a little bit easier for the minimums. They actually increase the standards for the the maximums you know?

How About Age?

Until I think you reach like, age 30 or something that, is whenever the maximums start coming down.  You know the minimums are gonna be lowered just a little bit so you know if you’re a 40 year old, it’s gonna be the same thing as you know a 20 year old and the proposals that I think I have for this like, if anybody out there who actually have some kind of saying. This is to make somewhat of an aged system again but not so much like how it was before.

Before you know, there was like 17 to 21 and 22 to like 26 and then it’s like 27 to 31 something like that. If we were to like, cut that in third and so from like you know, 17 years old to like you know 30 year old. Those are basically the same. 31 to like 41 or something. Those are like the same and have a bigger age group that would help things out a little bit and the reason that I think it should be like that right, the reason that I think a 40 year olds PT test score.

ACFT Standards by MOS, Age, Gender…

What about Rank Status?

Regardless of male or female, should be different than a 20 year old is because at that point in time in your military career you’re gonna have different roles. You’re gonna have different responsibilities for officers right? Especially for officers you know? Let’s say I’m a 2nd lieutenant, which I am ,I’m a second lieutenant. You will be with your soldiers a little bit more. Actually kind of with the platoon a little bit. Then, you become a first lieutenant, then you become a captain.

Higher MOS Ranks & Time for Training

As a captain, you’re gonna be probably a company commander. You’re gonna be a little bit more separated from the soldiers, having a little bit more desk work and stuff to do then, you become a major. More removed and the higher rank you go, the more removed you are from like the grit of like the soldiery tasks. Do the things that you really don’t need to have a good PT score to be running out there.

Different Roles in the Army

As a second lieutenant & platoon leader, you know you’re gonna be out there with the guys you know? With them, you’re gonna be leading the platoon right? Well, when you become a lieutenant colonel, you’re not gonna be doing that same thing. I love seeing lieutenant Colonel’s and really high up officers that are in shape.

I think that’s fantastic but, at the same time you know they don’t have to be running 13 minutes two miles. They could have it be like a 15-minute right? Like the standards for what they need to do is different and it’s the same thing for NCOs. When you’re a private, a specialist, you’re like a lower tier just sergeant, like E6 and below you know you’re gonna be actually doing more of the stuff. Then you reach E-7, you’re gonna be doing a bit more admin.

Higher MOS Roles in the Army

Then you reach Master Sergeant, gonna be doing a little more admin then you reach First Sergeant and Sergeant Major and then Command Sergeant Major, you’re gonna be doing way more admin stuff and you’re not gonna be doing that grit and grinding of what the lower enlisted soldiers are doing . I feel like I’ve rambled on and ranted enough on this and, that’s kind of my gist of this. I think it’s really stupid that they’re making the standards this low. In my opinion.

I think that a lot of it has to do with the aged neutralness of it right? So ginger janitor Joe, I think you know comparing an 18 year old male, 18 year old female to the same standard is great. Comparing 18 year old male to a 50 year old whoever. Feel like that’s a little bit different because not only like even if they have the same MOS, like you have an 18 year old enlisted soldier and a you know, and a 50 year old enlisted soldier. Who’s probably like a sergeant major or something, at that point in time you know the roles and responsibilities are different. Even though they have the same MOS. For example the heavy, right?

Let’s get honest ARMY

So the best you gotta be. You know infantry soldiers, combat related MOS is the minimum score is gonna be 18 minutes for a two-mile run yes? The two-mile runs at the end of these six events. There is still five more events. You know that is a toll but, 18 minutes for a two-mile run is completely attainable for people that are going to be in those kind of MOS. That should really be the minimum in my opinion.

Changing the Run Times for ACFT Standards

Run times should basically stay the same you know? Maybe raise it like, 10 seconds or something. It might pay me like 10 15 seconds for a two-mile run is actually a big difference and then dropping down to the next year the minimum is 19 minutes. Which is ridiculous and then the bottom tier right? The bottom tier not totally non-combat related MOS it’s like 20 minutes and 7 seconds for this proposed like 20 minutes 21 minutes actually, 21 minutes.

running ACFT
ACFT Standards by MOS – 2 Mile Run

You could be running a 1050 pace mile and be passing like that for somebody who’s my age is like ridiculously slow. Like, you are not in shape for the military in my opinion, If you are doing a 10 minute pace mile run and you’re in the military. Now, if you’re like I said, in your 40s or 50s or whatever.

You’re in the military you’re higher up. You know if you’re doing a 9 minute mile pace that’s like more understandable right? A seventeen-year-old you now with who’s got, I don’t know what MOS is I’m just gonna say 25B because that was my old MOS. Like 25 Bravo doing a 10-minute mile pace , that’s acceptable and it’s passing? That should not be the case, in my opinion.

New Push Up Standards!?

Then we got the release pushup the push up in the new ACFT test, is gonna be different.

hand release arm extension pushup
ACFT Standards by MOS – Hand Release Push Up

You’re gonna be basically starting on the ground doing a push-up. When you come back down to the ground you’re gonna actually rest on the ground and take your hand off of the ground. It basically goes – the minimum for heavy is 30.  Then 20, down to 10. Like 10 push-ups!  It’s not even push-ups!  You can rest on the ground! Not that you can rest on the ground but, you can take a little bit of tension off of your chest for a split second. Only doing ten push-ups as the minimum. Ten push ups really!? The army! We’re gonna have 10 push-ups be the minimum to be a soldier?!

ACFT Leg Tuck Standards for all MOS is TOO LOW!

Another stupid thing in my opinion is the leg tuck like the minimum for a soldier to do the leg tuck is one time.

Gibson Leg Tuck ACFT
ACFT Standards by MOS – Leg Tuck

A non-combat related MOS, one leg tuck which if you guys don’t know what the leg tuck is; You’re hanging from a pull-up bar and you are taking your knees up to your elbows. One time.  Just one time! In the hole, however many minutes two minutes. Gosh!

ACFT Standards for Deadlift Event

Then, the final thing that I’m complaining about before I finish off this video is the deadlift right? The deadlift the minimum is a hundred and forty pounds right? I mean, I’m just sitting here looking at these scores and thinking. Why it’s like that? These are the new standards?

3 rep max deadlift acft
ACFT Standards by MOS – Dead-Lift

I thought this PT test was supposed to be to make you more combat ready? Yes, I know it’s related on your MOS. It’s more combat related. The ACFT PT tests minimum is going to be different. Going to be harder. Even still, I’m just like “I think it’s 180 pounds for the deadlift with a hex bar”. One hundred and eighty pound deadlift with that Hex bar is nothing you know?

Real Life Situation

I’m a stronger person.  I can deadlift, way more than 180 pounds but, like 180 pounds for a combat MOS? If you’re picking somebody up with their gear on, I don’t care if it’s a hundred and twenty pound soldier. You only weigh 120 pounds soaking wet and then, you put on all the gear. You’re gonna be in whenever, you’re in combat, having ammo, your weapon and, probably strapped on you. Which is another 10 pounds.

Soldiers + Gear = A LOT OF WEIGHT!

You’re gonna have your Kevlar, you will have all these things.  It’s gonna be 200 pounds even if you are 120 pounds. I am honestly a little bit upset by this. This is just the proposed things but, it’s by a pretty credible source and they got the army logo plastered all over this thing.

So, it’s a pretty credible source that they’re going by off now you know? Guess this is what they’re using to test people and I really do hope that they increase the minimums just a little bit. In my personal opinion, this is my personal opinion. Matt Ward’s opinion, the standards for the minimums are too low for the standards. I think they just across the board, the minimum standards are too low.

The Solution for ACFT MOS Standards

My solution is, instead of having like 8 or 9 different tiers of age brackets as you get older, just have like 2 or 3 right? So as you basically a private is gonna have a different PT test standard than, you know, a sergeant first class. Like so, when you’re in for like 10 years of the military. You know at that point in time your standard for your minimum could change a little bit because you’re gonna go from being you know, seventeen-eighteen year old, to a thirty year old. Then, whenever you go from like a thirty year old to forty plus.

Again, you know if you’re enlisted for 20 years you’re probably gonna be a sergeant major. If not you’re you’ve been a First Sergeant for a while. If you’re an officer for 20 years you’re probably a lieutenant-colonel. If not, you’ve been a major for a really long time. So the roles and responsibilities are completely different.

Comments on Matts opinions about ACFT MOS Standards

Let me know down in the comments section what you guys think. I think I’ve said enough of what I actually think. This video is probably gonna be a good minute. If you made it to the end of this video, hit that like button. Just smash the like button. Wish the standards were better and I know some of you are probably struggling to hit those numbers, but you gotta understand. This is the army, this is the military. It’s not the civilian world.

You know yes, if you can do a 10 minute run, you know you do a 10-minute run pace for a mile. 10 minute mile run pace like as a civilian, it’s really not that bad. You’re in pretty good shape, I guess. If you can do that, you know you’re not.  Ya’ know dying and can’t complete the one mile but this is the military.

Upsetting Standards for Any MOS

Even if you’re not in the combat related MOS, you could get attached to some unit that is in combat. It’s like freakin God forbid World War III comes out. Like hopefully that doesn’t happen, I swear, I hope that doesn’t happen. If something bad would have happened doesn’t matter what MOS you are. You’re still gonna have to all do things to help. So yeah, I’m a little upset.

Hit the like button and leave a comment down below let me know what you guys think. I hope you guys have an amazing day. Oh! Follow me on Instagram etc. If you haven’t already and I will see you guys later


PDF: Matt Ward’s Opinion on ACFT Army Standards by MOS PDF Download – click below

ACFT Standards – ACFT Standards by MOS – PDF

MP3: Matt Wards Opinion on the ACFT Army Standards – click below