ACFT Events

ACFT Events

In this page you will find the top links on the website about ACFT Events plus an interview on my opinion on the new PT Test, The Army Combat Fitness Test.  Together we will go through each event. The Three Repetition Maximum Deadlift, the Standing Power Throw, the Hand Release Push Up, the Sprint Drag Carry, the Leg Tuck and (our favorite the Two Mile Run.  Please feel free to make you own video and send it to us we will put it here on this page. Enjoy.

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Gibson: ACFT Events Interview by Evan Pickett.

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ACFT Events Interview (FULL) MP3


I’m here with Rob Gibson from how you doing Rob?

Living the dream baby.

ACFT Events - Old PT
Out with the OLD… In with the NEW ACFT Events Picture:

let’s talk about the ACFT for a little bit.  How do you feel about the new PT test?

Well, let’s get real! I think it’s time for a change. Yeah, you see people (in-shape people) in the gym working out. Running two miles and doing sit-ups and push-ups doesn’t tell you if you’re physically fit or not. It just doesn’t.

I would agree!  

ACFT Events: Event 1 – Three Repetition Maximum Dead Lift


ACFT Events: Event 1 MP3



Let’s talk about the ACFT events. The first ACFT event – the Three Rep Max Deadlift

ACFT Events - SPC Craig 493D
ACFT Events – SPC Craig 493D

The Three Rep Max Deadlift…  I think that is an amazing event! For many reasons.  It’s not only a great indicator of showing how strong your Legs are but, your grip strength,  it’s also showing how strong your Low Back is, and your Front Core is. The deadlift… the only exercise I think that could beat out the deadlift would be the squat but, I think that’d be too hard to administer during the ACFT. The Deadlift is an excellent, excellent exercise for showing overall strength and especially in the Army. Where we are doing a lot of things where you need to be able to pick things up and put them down. It really is a great indicator to see how strong you are and I also like the fact that they’re making us to do more than one repetition.

ACFT Events - 1LT Segura 493D PSC
ACFT Events – 1LT Segura 493D PSC

Bad Form!

Because anyone can just terribly lift up a bar off the ground with horrible form and then put it back down but; You know, hopefully these soldiers grading the tests will make sure that the form is good and they have a straight back and not only that but it’s clear that they can do three quality reps on this ACFT event. This event is a great indicator of showing how strong you are in your lower body and like I said your core, low back and grip strength. 

What a way to start the new PT test!

ACFT Events: Event 2 – Standing Power Throw


ACFT Events – 2 – Standing Power Throw – Army Combat Fitness Test MP3



The next ACFT Event – the Standing Power Throw. 

The Standing Power Throw… There  are a lot of people underestimating this ACFT event. It is a very quick event. It’s not gonna wear you out but, it is one

ACFT Events - Standing Power Throw
ACFT Events – Standing Power Throw

sixth of your test. So it’s a hundred points out of six hundred. So you gotta take it serious! I think it’s a good event for the fact that it’s athletic. You have to explode and you have to throw the medicine ball behind you.  The Army says that they’re using the Standing Power Throw ACFT Event as an indicator to show how you can pick somebody up over a wall or you know throat supplies over a wall or something like that. Sure, but at the end of the day.


This ACFT event is really testing how fast you can explode out of a deadlift position, athletically. So I’m seeing a lot in the new PT test where the Army is really testing muscles that they weren’t being tested before. Especially the rear muscles like your hamstrings and your rear deltoids for throwing the medicine ball behind you. This ACFT Event is a great test to see if you are an overall well-rounded athlete… an athletic soldier. So yeah, it’s a good event. 

ACFT Events: Event 3 – Hand Release Push Up


ACFT Events – 3 – Hand Release Push Up – Army Combat Fitness Test MP3



The third ACFT Event –  The Hand Release Push Up.

The Hand Release Push Up! Might be the best ACFT event because, I don’t know about everybody else but everywhere I go and I see a PT test getting administered. You know, whether it’s an officer in your unit and the sergeant is scared or whatever.  Maybe it is his buddy.

ACFT Events - Hand Release Push up
ACFT Events – Hand Release Push up

I’m so sick of seeing half push ups being counted as a full push up. I think it’s great, I think it’s very good. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like doing hand release push ups because it is a pain in the butt but it’s the only true way that we can see if someone is going all the way down and coming all the way up.  So, I give it a thumbs up. I like it. Like I said I I’m never really gonna incorporate them into my workout unless I’m practicing for the ACFT but I do think it’s the only way we can test the push-up. Say hey! That’s one hundred percent a push-up.  To count it or not. So, yeah it’s good.  

Why 3rd?

ACFT Events - Hand Release Push Up 2
ACFT Events – Hand Release Push Up 2

Why do you think they put the hand release pushup as the third ACFT event as the third event? 

Well, right now I think the Hand Release Push Up comes at a good time on the ACFT. The first two ACFT events really challenge other muscles first. The Deadlift Event and the Standing Power Throw Event really test out totally different muscles. We are gripping that bar (forearms) and you’re working a lot of your leg muscles at first. 

Grip Strength

You’re doing the three rep max dead ACFT event, so you’re doing a lot of grip and a lot of picking up with your legs and an explosion with your low back. The same thing with the medicine ball in the Standing Power Throw ACFT Event. It’s the same muscles being used, a lot of lower body explosion. So the Army is now going to the upper body. So, I think the Hand Release Push Up Event has a good spot in the ACFT. The Army put it right in the middle (that the third spot) 

ACFT Events: Event 4 – Sprint Drag Carry


ACFT Events – 4 – Sprint Drag Carry – Army Combat Fitness Test MP3



The fourth ACFT Event – the Sprint Drag Carry Event

The Sprint Drag Carry Event. YES! Very, very necessary. It’s a perfect, perfect, perfect anaerobic endurance ACFT event.  Let’s face it. The last PT test is all about getting your two-mile run. If you can run two miles faster than everyone else, you’re considered the best person in Army and most physically fit person in Army.  Which is not true at all! This ACFT Event right here it’s truly gonna test who’s gonna get gassed out and who’s not going to.

Firemen’s Test

The only test I can really think of that compares to this ACFT event is like the fireman’s test. I took the Atlantic City’s Firemen Test back home, They had you running up and down stairs with weights, you’re dragging a body (that’s a dummy obviously) but it’s the same type of test.  Where you are sprinting, you’re not going for a two-mile run. This is very anaerobic endurance testing event and it’s very high intensity. So, like I always said, I think this is a crossfitter’s dream. This this ACFT event. Not only that but, what this event will do is show who is really gonna show up on test day. Who’s gonna get gassed out. 

ACFT Events: Event 5 – Leg Tuck


ACFT Events – 5 – Leg Tuck – Army Combat Fitness Test MP3



The next ACFT event the Leg Tuck Event… 

So Leg Tuck… the Leg Tuck Event is an excellent, excellent Event.  I don’t know why the Pull Up was never incorporated into the old PT Test, the APFT. Now the standard for the Leg Tuck Event,  you have to come up with your your arms and not only that but, bring your knees to your elbows. So one, we are working Back Strength, we’re working on Bicep strength, we’re working our our core strength. It’s a great exercise again like I said the Army is really trying to get a well-rounded athlete now. So, now you’re working on the rear muscles just as much as the front muscles. I think the Army did an excellent job with choosing the exercises. 

ACFT Events: Event 6 – Two Mile Run


ACFT Events – 6 – Two Mile Run – Army Combat Fitness Test MP3



The last ACFT event. The one that we all dislike… The two-mile run! 

The two-mile run…. let’s face it, it sucks!  It absolutely, absolutely sucks but let’s get real in a quick, short period of time, how can you test someone’s aerobic ability. It’s the two-mile run. Nothing less, nothing more. Like I said,  it only takes a max 20 minutes to do it. Could go longer obviously if you’re not running too well, you know but, it’s the shortest, quickest way to see how good someone aerobic capacity is. Especially now, the ACFT test it’s going to be much harder now. Especially if there’s the Sprint Drag Carry Event. 

Be prepared!

A lot of people are gonna get more gassed out than you think. You know, the deadlift event and all that stuff, you’ll recover from that stuff quickly, but after doing that spring drag carry event. Then the Leg Tuck Event will tire out your biceps and your lats it’s gonna be rough. All these ACFT Events are going to be rough for anybody. So expect your scores to go down, just a little bit. But, obviously we’re all pretty resilient in the Army, we can we can figure it out. We can train according to that. So start training to do exercises first, then go for a two-mile run if you want to try and get better at this event on the ACFT. 

Rob I want to thank you for sitting down with us and talking about the new ACFT events on the new PT test everyone check out Rob on

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ACFT Events Army Combat Fitness Test Interview


Matt Ward’s Opinion on the ACFT Events

(previously called the ACRT)

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What’s going on guys so today we are going to talk about something that you guys have asked me about a lot and that is a new army PT test the ACRT test and whether or not you should prepare for that or the regular APFT that we have right now.  Whether or not I think that it’s actually a good measurement of your physical fitness. 

History Class

So this is a quick little history lesson before we get started on this the Army has been doing the current APFT.  The two minutes of push-ups, the two minutes of sit-ups and, the two-mile run since about 1980. That’s what I found. When I did a little bit of research on this video.  I guess maybe it might be about time to switch things up and that’s where the ACFT test comes in. 

 I hope I don’t mess that up but basically my real quick opinion of the current PT system.  So, the APFT, do I think it’s actually a good measurement of your physical fitness? The answer would be for the most part, yes.  I don’t really see people who are out of shape passing the PT test, that doesn’t really happen. It’s kind of hard to do a two-mile run if you’re out of shape, as well as the push-ups is something that’s difficult.  


Biggest Complaint on the ACFT Events

My biggest complaint about the PT test as it stands right now is, the sit-ups because it is honestly such a bad measurement for your core strength,  like your actual core. I think it’s kind of ridiculous! I think there are definitely other things that you can do that will actually measure your core strength because this a regular sit-up not only do a lot of people think that it’s just bad for you. It’s bad for your back, bad for your neck or whatever.  Personally I think a lot of that has to do with a lot of people who are they’re just pulling on their neck way too hard. Rather than actually focusing on using their core but, that’s just my opinion. The sit-up really is not that great of a core exercise workout you’re gonna be implementing some of your legs and stuff into that. 

Problem with Sit Ups

A lot of it has to do with this your body type. There are literally some people out there that can do sit-ups way easier than me. It’s just a piece of cake. Just because their body is body type and since my back has more of an arch it is a lot more difficult for my body type to actually do the sit-ups.

Different Body Types

I’ve been told one time I was doing a PT test, somebody was like “dang like your body is just like, it’s just difficult for you to do do sit-ups” like I have to go all the way down like I can’t do this whole like just the bottom of your shoulder blades touch the ground and then you go back up. For me that’s not possible.  I just have to go all the way down and then come back up. As you guys might have seen in my sit-ups forum video, you can kind of see what I’m talking about because I go down. My back hits and then I go back up. There’s really no you know bottom of my shorter blades for me. 

Running 2 Miles is a Must

Anyways, that’s enough talking about that but, that’s really my biggest complaint about the current PT test. I think the running is definitely something that’s good, that measures your endurance.  I know in combat you’re not really gonna be running 2 mile runs. That’s just, really not going to happen. If you can do that then you will be able to do the short sprints and all that stuff. You know, you’re going to have to run a long distance across the field or do long ruck marches. I do think that the two-mile PT test run is actually a pretty good measurement for that. 

Then the push ups, I think is a really good measurement for your chest, your arms and, some of your upper body. If you can pass the push-ups for a PT test, I think that that’s a pretty good indication that you’re in some sort of upper body physical condition. 


Let’s Talk about the ACFT Event now….

So, now I’m going to cut to the actual a ACRT (ACFT) PT test and some of the different events that are going to incorporate. Then, kind of my opinion of the individual events. At the end of this video, I think I’m just going to cover of my overall opinion. Whether or not you should prepare for this or is this new PT test (ACFT) is gonna be better than the old one. All the information I’ve got in this video, you can easily find it on google. This current you know website that I’m looking at right now is the Army’s website. 


MW’s take on ACFT Event Max Deadlift

 The first ACFT event that they have listed is the deadlift.  The proposed weight range is 120 pounds to 420 pounds. So, I’m not sure if a 120 pounds is gonna be like the minimum.  Like, that’s the minimum standard and if you can’t do that you’re gonna fail. I think honestly, that’s was like SuperDuper low!  That’s not even like a person’s body weight! The minimum should be somewhere around 200 pounds because the average weight of a person, I don’t know 100 170 pounds or so plus the amount of gear that are going to be wearing is gonna be somewhere around 200 pounds.  So, you should be able to at least deadlift 200 pounds my opinion. I’m not the army experts or anything but currently they’re going through all the studies and the tests to figure out where these actual maximum and minimums should be.  

Age Groups?

How should they actually score this for the different age groups, because if you didn’t know the current Army APFT the maximum and minimums are based off of your age. So, there’s an age range from 17 to 21. Then, 22 to 26 and 27 and up, and so on. For each different category or age group there’s going to be a different max and a minimum. So they’re trying to work those things out right now and currently they’re looking at 120 pounds to 420 pounds. 

Such a Great Event

In my opinion the deadlift would be a great exercise to implement! it’s currently being used in the OPAC which is something that you guys I believe, all now have to take.  I didn’t have to take it when I first joined but it wasn’t implemented back then. Since the deadlift is in, I believe to max it is like 220 pounds stuff like. That is not a lot, especially just to make sure that again you can lift that person up and then it will measure basically your fitness level in what kind of job category you can be in. So, in my opinion deadlift will be a great addition to the ACFT or the physical fitness test. 

Great Test

Number one, it is just a really great test of like,  your overall body fitness. It’s gonna work your legs, you’re gonna work your upper body and then,  your arms. You’re honestly not going to need a whole lot of equipment, you’re screaming like a barbell or something I don’t know if they’ll use a hex bar or not but basically not a whole lot of equipment. You can be test on that pretty quickly. 


Standing Power Throw and Ward’s Confusion 

Now, the next event here is the standing power throw. This says that soldiers will toss a 10-pound ball backwards as far as possible to test muscular explosive power. Apparently you’re going to be holding a ball like this 10-pound ball and you’re gonna throw it behind you to measure your explosive power.  I honestly don’t know what I think about this one. I think it’s kind of just like a gimmicky-ish thing for the OPAT test. You hold a ball against your chest and you will throw it forwards. Not sure what I think about this one. Not sure what I think about it at all. 


ACFT Hand Release T Push Up and Matt’s Opinion

The next event is going to be the T-push-up which is basically, you start from the prone position apparently, and then you’ll have your arms extended outwards. Basically however they implement the push up, I think that’s perfectly fine. Again, I think it is a good measurement of your upper-body strength.  So, the deadlift. If you guys didn’t know, you’re actually working your back a whole lot more than you are going to be working your arms and stuff like that. So, incorporating the push-ups into this test, you’re basically going to be working the front of your body. So, the deadlift will be working your back muscles. Then on the push-up, you’re gonna be working your chest. Basically, that’s how that’s gonna work. 


Matt Ward Breaks Down the Sprint-Drag-Carry ACFT Event 

The Sprint Drag Carry is basically where you’re gonna be dashing 25 meters, 5 times.  Up and down a lane while a soldier will perform a sprint, drag a sled weighing 90 pounds, and then hand carry two 40 pound kettlebells right. So, this is kind of cool like it sounds good and all! My only problem with this is the amount of time it’s going to take.  The amount of equipment, preparation and planning that this event (just by itself) is going to take.

Not Much Needed

As we all know the current PT (APFT) test,  you really don’t need that much space. The only thing you really need is like a track or someplace to run a two-mile run. So, you’ll need a quarter-mile track, a half-mile track or, you can find a place where you can just run up and down a mile. That’s really the biggest area you need. You don’t need a whole lot of equipment or anything to do push-ups and sit-ups. The only thing you need right now are PT mats right? 

A “Good Event”

This event it’s a good event to measure like how in shape you are in.  All the explosiveness and how you know, being able to carry two 40 pound kettlebells. Which I know for some people right now would be a difficult task. So, I think this would be a good test but, my only thing is it’s gonna take a lot more planning, a lot more equipment and stuff like that. It’s gonna be more difficult to implement than the current system because the current system you don’t really need much equipment. You can just knock out a PT test. 


As for the APFT, an NCO or an officer trying to plan this thing out, it doesn’t take a whole lot of planning but all these six events will take a whole lot more planning. It’ll take a lot more instructors and stuff to actually do this thing. That’s my only problem.


How Ward feels on the ACFT Leg Tuck Event 

The leg tuck is something that you’re gonna be doing during PT.  Which is basically gonna be, hanging on a pull-up bar and you’re going to lift your legs up until your knees touch your elbows. This is gonna be (I guess) replacing the sit-ups part of the workout for the old PT test (APFT) and I think this is pretty good! It does measure your core strength really well. 

Curious Matt

I think that I’m kind of curious how I will do with this because I do a lot of you know exercises on a pull-up bar and one of my main things that I’ve used for abs is basically hanging on a pull-up bar and lifting my legs and lifting my knees. Doing stuff like that. So, I’m kind of curious how I’ll do because the way they’re going to test you is, You’re gonna do Leg Tucks as many times as possible. So, I don’t know how many I’m gonna do but, I do like this because it’s gonna combine you actually being able to hold yourself on a pull-up bar. Then use your core to lift your legs up to touch your elbows and that is going to be a far better core workout than the current system. A lot of people right now, they don’t really do pull-ups or anything like that. They don’t really hang from a pull-up bar that often so this is going to combine that which is honestly gonna work your upper body and then the leg tuck. Where you’re lifting your legs up is definitely gonna be working your core. 

Matt on the Two Mile Run ACFT’s Final Event 

The final event for the new PT test is gonna be the two-mile run and I do like that they are bringing this over from the current PT test. I like that it measures your endurance. I think pretty well and honestly it’s really kind of a short distance run. I know that it’s not like a quarter-mile sprint or anything like that. Where you’re gonna be really measuring sprinting. It is short when you compare it to like really long distance running. So a long distance runner is going to be running longer than those two miles. So, in my opinion two miles isn’t really that long. 

Lower the STANDARD!?!

The only thing that they are gonna change on this apparently, through doing a little bit of research that I’ve done is, that they’re going to basically lower the standard for the two-mile run and I am okay with that. Like they’ve said and all the stuff on the articles that I’ve read, you’re going to be doing these exercises the five exercises before this two-mile run. From the looks of it it will actually make you more fatigued and tired before this two-mile run.  So, for them to lower the standard of the two-mile run since it’s the last event, I think is okay. I just don’t want them to lower it too much. 

What a Prediction!

For me, in my age group the maximum for the PT test on the run is 13 minutes flat. So if they reduced that to 13 30 or something like that around there I think that would be okay. (Gibson: WOW Matt you hit it right on the head with that prediction)

I hope they don’t go as slow as 14 minutes because, knocking a minute off that two-mile time is a lot of time. One minute of running is a lot of time. So, I hope they don’t go knock it down that much but I do like that they have thought about “like hey you know two minutes of push-ups in two minutes sit ups  isn’t gonna make you as tired as doing these five other exercise. So, I like how they thought about that.


Matt Ward’s Thoughts on the ACFT and all Events 

What are my thoughts on this new PT test and whether or not you guys should actually train for it?  I do want to say right off the bat that this has not been implemented yet right this has not been implemented. Yes, they have narrowed it down. Apparently from 20 different exercises, they’re still working on getting the maximum and the minimum you know nailed down. On different weights and stuff like that. So, this has not been implemented and for all of you guys who are about to join the army work on the regular PT test.  That where we are at right now which is the two minutes of push-ups the two minutes of sit-ups and a two-mile run. Which is the two-mile run beyond both but you need to work on those things as of now. If you get really proficient at those, I don’t see you having with this new PT test. I mean if you want to work on some deadlifts and some of these other things and work on carrying some dumbbells around. So you can work on the Sprint Drag Carry,  I think that might not be a bad decision. 

Don’t Be Worried

You definitely shouldn’t be too worried about this because it’s not going to be implemented in the year 2017. They have been testing it with different people. They have been testing it with different units, which they do all the time with a whole bunch of different things. If it does get implemented, it’s not going to be anytime soon. The big thing with this new system is going to be the amount of equipment that you’re going to need. The amount of time the PT test is going to take, because it’s definitely going to take a lot longer than the current PT test. The way the current PT test is, you knock out your push-ups, you knockout your situps and then run. In between each event is a 10-minute rest period and usually in that time they’re giving an instruction on the event and whatnot. 

Too long of a Test

They have to do that every time. They have to actually explain to you this is the pushup, this is the proper form… Oh blah. Here’s the sit up, here’s the proper form and that usually takes up some of those 10 minutes.  So, with these different six events, if they have that same 10-minute rest period in between each event. So you’re recovered a little bit. Then that’s gonna just right there in itself is an hour of rest time. Let alone the amount of time it takes to actually perform the PT test. So, that’s going to be you know two – two and a half hours or so. Maybe even three hours to do this PT test! Where currently, it only takes about an hour honestly to take the current PT test. That is my issue with this thing moving forward. Some of the issues that it might have is the amount of equipment, the amount of time it’s going to need, and planning & preparing. 


So, if this does get implemented I guess I won’t be too surprised because it’s gotten pretty far along in this process. Since I’ve been in the army just in the past like three years, I’ve heard of multiple different tests and multiple different things and this one seems to have made it the farthest. So, it probably will get implemented. We’ll see, it’s just not going to get implemented in my opinion anytime soon. 


Wrapping it all up for the ACFT Events

That’s going to be it for this video. It went on a little while longer than I thought as usual but I did want to cover what the individual events were and my kind of thoughts and opinions on them. As well as comparing it to the old PT test which is the current one to this new ACFT test the Army is looking into implementing. So, I hope you guys maybe learn something and again train for the current PT test. Do not train for this new one yet because it hasn’t been implemented. I’m sure a month or two though like we’ll know in advance like this is definitely going to happen on this day. This new PT test is gonna be the new way. 


We will know about that and then you can start really preparing for it. Just keep that in mind, don’t stress about it, don’t be like oh I’m gonna go to basic training and you know, I’m gonna have to deadlift 420 pounds if I want a max. That’s not gonna happen okay? So, keep that in mind but, if you liked this video hit that like button. If you want to stick around for some more of my videos, the subscribe button is waiting for you to click it. If you have any comments, questions or whatever, leave your comments down below.

Finding Matt

My Instagram and snapchat are always open to you guys to leave comments or to ask me anything. You want to have conversations, send me as long of a message as you want, I really don’t care that’s totally fine with me but those links are in the description. I hope you guys have a great day and I’ll see you guys later. 


-Matt Ward

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