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Best Standing Power Throw Exercise

ACFT Standing Power Throw Tips

ACFT Standing Power Throw Tips

I know everyone is trying to look for tips on how to train for the ACFT Standing Power Throw. The #1 and best exercise for training in this event  is the Band Power Over. I have come up with a great exercise that will allow you to get multiple reps without having to pause.  The current way to train for this event has been throwing a medicine ball behind you. Turn around. Go fetch the medicine ball like a dog. Then throw it again.

Problem with this is, you are allowing your body too much rest.

We need to work on:

  1. Perfect Form
  2. Multiple Reps
  3. Minimum Rest Between Reps
  4. Add Resistance.

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I know what you’re thinking. How the heck do I train for the standing power throw event? oh, don’t worry I have the best exercise. Stay tuned. I promise you if you do this exercise and put it in with your regimen.

Okay first thing you want to do is make sure we have a circle band. That means no break in the band it’s a full circle. You want to make your loop and put another loop through it. That way it wraps around the pole. Once we know it’s nice and secure. We’re gonna start our exercise.

Proper Form is Key for ACFT Standing Power Throw!

The first thing you need to do is make sure your back is flat and you’re going down into a deadlift position. Just like you would with the standing power throw. You want to come down slow & controlled and explode just like we’re throwing the medicine ball. Now watch at the freeze-frame. You’ll see that my body is almost in a u-shape and that the band is going to be at a 45 degree angle. That 45 degree angle is what is going to get you the farthest throw with the med ball (medicine ball). As we can see here through science. 45 degrees is the best launch angle. This will perfectly split the upward and forward forces.

So this is what we need to practice now. We also need to realize that this is a great exercise because we can do reps and we have resistance. What makes this the best exercise for the standing power throw is this is just like us going to the gym. We’re getting reps, reps, reps just like you would on the benchpress if you’re trying to get your chest stronger. Instead we’re trying to get our hamstrings and our low back stronger for the standing power throw. For ACFT workouts and more come to

2 thoughts on “ACFT Standing Power Throw Tips”

  1. Great exercise. One minor critique- 45 degrees is not the optimal angle for the SPT. Similar to the shot-put or hammer throw, the optimal angle will be closer to 37 degrees, as this angle is 1) where the most power can be generated and 2) incorporates the release point of the ball above the ground. If release velocity didn’t change and the ball was literally thrown from the ground, 45 degrees would be correct. Regardless, this is a great exercise and I’ll definitely incorporate it into my training.

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