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  • ACFT Training 
    1. Army PT has Changed
    2. Know Your Muscles
    3. Army PT has 3 Categories Now
    4. New Army Workouts
    5. Make a Schedule


Robert Gibson
  • Author: Robert Gibson
  • B.S. Exercise Sport Science
  • US Soldier – Active Duty

ACFT Training Plan

Create a ACFT Training Plan In Less Than 10 Min

  1. Get a Calendar
    • Google Docs
    • Piece of paper
    • Napkin
  2. Schedule Dead-Lift Training 1st
    • What days will you have Access to Equipment?
    • Mark them on the Calendar
    • Make sure you reserve the equipment for at least 4 times in the month
    • The dead lift is the ONLY event we MUST have equipment for training.
  3. Schedule Run Days
    • As we all know run days must be spread apart from each other to prevent injury
    • Schedule a non-mandatory Run day for Soldier on Saturday
  4. Schedule other Strength Workouts
    • LTK Training = Back Day (+ Core)
    • HRP Training = Chest Day (+ Shoulders)
    • We want to make sure strength days are schedule with cardio days between them
  5. Schedule Core Challenge
    1. Stability
    2. Strength & Endurance
  6. Challenges / HIIT Training will be scheduled last
    1. HIIT Training does not take long
    2. We will be doing these Challenge workouts at the end of Strength Days
    3. This workouts will be a great physical and mental challenge for all Soldiers

Looking For Daily Workouts?

ACFT Workout Plan

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ACFT Training

What an amazing time to be in the Army. We are in the middle of changing the APFT to the ACFT. As we all know the APFT was the test of record for like… ever. No really though, it has been the test of record since the 1980’s

Mandatory, Army-wide fitness testing began in 1963.

The current APFT was developed and refined in 1980-82.


As we know, the ACFT is not the same as the APFT. Training like an Athlete is a must now. Focusing on every muscle group and all muscle fibers in the human body. We need to break down our workouts into 4 categories:

  1. Strength Workouts
  2. Run Workouts
  3. Challenges (HIIT)
  4. Core Workouts

If we can get the proper training plan (weekly PT schedule) mixed with the right workout plans (daily exercises) we can and will succeed on the ACFT. Continue reading and we will go over ever aspect of creating the right plan!

1. Know Army Training has Changed

Based on our analysis, the ACFT events most strongly correlate with combat readiness. The APFT is assessed to have 40 percent predictive power for combat performance; the ACFT is assessed to have 80 percent predictive power.



The character of war is changing as are the physical demands of combat. The APFT primarily provides an assessment of muscular and aerobic endurance. The Army has determined that for Soldiers to be ready for the rigors of operations in a complex environment, they must possess significant physical capacity in the following components of fitness: muscular strength, muscular endurance, power, speed, agility, cardio endurance, balance, flexibility, coordination and reaction time.

What does this mean?

As stated above the ACFT will now focus on these 10 key physical attributes:

  1. Muscular Strength,
  2. Muscular Endurance,
  3. Power,
  4. Speed,
  5. Agility,
  6. Cardio Endurance,
  7. Balance,
  8. Flexibility,
  9. Coordination and
  10. Reaction Time
ACFT Workouts vs APFT Workouts
Out with the OLD… In with the NEW ACFT Events

ACFT Training = New Workout Plans for the Army

I think we can all come to agreement that the ACFT will be a better physical assessment of a Soldier.

Subjects that we can put up for debate would be:

  • Difficulty in Administering the ACFT.
  • ACFT Minimum & Maximum Standards.

Nevertheless, we will continue to learn more on how to train and workout for this new PT test that the Army is strongly pursuing.

2. Know Your Muscles

Muscle Fiber Types on the ACFT

Type 1 Muscle Fibers 

Type I, slow twitch, or “red” muscle, is dense with capillaries and is rich in mitochondria and myoglobin, giving the muscle tissue its characteristic red color. It can carry more oxygen and sustain aerobic activity using fats or carbohydrates as fuel.[8] Slow twitch fibers contract for long periods of time but with little force.

Type 2a Muscle Fibers 

Type II, fast twitch muscle, has three major subtypes (IIa, IIx, and IIb) that vary in both contractile speed[9] and force generated.[8] Fast twitch fibers contract quickly and powerfully but fatigue very rapidly, sustaining only short, anaerobic bursts of activity before muscle contraction becomes painful. They contribute most to muscle strength and have greater potential for increase in mass.

Type 2b Muscle Fibers Less Nerdy

Type IIb is anaerobic, glycolytic, “white” muscle that is least dense in mitochondria and myoglobin… this is the major fast muscle type.

Lets make it less NERDY

To make all this science a little easier to remember we can place these muscle fiber in 3 categories.

3. Training has 3 Categories NOW

  1. Cardio & Running
  2. Strength & Endurance
  3. Power & Sprint
ACFT Training Muscle Fibers for Workouts

The New PT Test (ACFT) will be hitting all of these muscle fibers and we need to know how to training them properly so all Soldier can excel on test day.

Know the Muscle Groups for Each Event

ACFT Training major muscle groups
Major MusclesSupport Muscles
MDL Low Back
Gluteal Muscle Group
Latissimus Dorsi
Hip Flexor Muscle Groups
Upper Body
Core (Low Back)
Core (front)
Rhomboids & Traps
Legs for Stability
Latissimus Dorsi
Low Back
Latissimus Dorsi
Hip Flexors
Gluteal Muscle Group
Hip Flexor Muscle Groups

Let’s Get Less Nerdy… Again.

Let’s try to make this process of creating an ACFT Workout Plan easier on us. We will turn all the science into “gym terms” we already know. Let see the categories below:

4. New Army Workouts – Know the Workouts for Each Category

Strength Workouts

  1. Dead-Lift Training = Leg Day (+ Low Back)
  2. HRP Training = Chest Day (+ Shoulders)
  3. LTK Training = Back Day

Run Workouts (2MR Training)

  1. Sprints Workouts
  2. AGRs
  3. Hill Sprints
  4. Long Run Days

Challenges (HIIT Circuit Training)

  1. SPT Challenges
  2. SDC Challenges
  3. Core Challenges

Core Workout

  1. Core Workouts for Muscle Strength & Endurance
  2. Core Workouts for Stability & Endurance

This will simplify things and keep keep us from going crazy when we make our ACFT Training Plan.

5. Make a Schedule –  ACFT Training Split 

Ok so NOW we know:

  • You have 6 Events to train for.
  • 3 Muscles Fibers Types in the human body that must be trained.
  • What muscles need to be trained, for each event.
  • We have NEW simplified Workout Categories and can now put workouts into a Training Split.

What is a Training Split?

Split system training is a program of weight training that divides training sessions by body regions—usually upper- and lower-body training.

Why do we need a training split?

Training splits are necessary for any workout program so we can avoid over-training muscles and have systematic approach to training properly for the ACFT. An ACFT workout spilt will also allow platoons the ability to organize times to utilized workout equipment within the company.

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FAQ – ACFT Training Plan

How do you train for ACFT?

1. To train for the ACFT you need a Training Plan.
2. You will need to make a weekly workout schedule that will help you get better at every event on the ACFT.
3. These specific Workouts performed on a consistent bases will help you Train for the ACFT.
Get Your ACFT Training Plan – CLICK HERE
ACFT Training Plan

How do I prepare for Army ACFT?

To prepare for the Army ACFT you will need to follow these steps:
1. Know the Standards by MOS
2. Know Where You Stand – Calculate Your Projected ACFT Score
3. List Events You Need Improvement On.
4. Follow These ACFT Workout Plans & Improve Your Score.How Do I Prepare for the ACFT

ACFT Training Program

Robert Gibson
  • Author: Robert Gibson
  • B.S. Exercise Sport Science
  • US Soldier – Active Duty