ACFT Ultimate Guides

ACFT Ultimate Guides will give you all the Tips, Tricks & Advantages you need to increase your ACFT score.

Link to Leg Tuck Ultimate Guide

Ultimate Guide to Leg Tucks

What Are ACFT Ultimate Guides? will do everything possible to help the Army have no failures for the ACFT.

  1. Deadlift
  2. Standing Power Throw
  3. Hand Release Push Up
  4. Sprint Drag Carry
  5. Leg Tuck
  6. 2 Mile Run

U.G.s will give you information on the following:

  • Explanation: How to perform the event properly
  • Standards for the event
  • Grading the event
  • Reasons for not meeting standards
  • How to get better at each event
  • Progressive workouts
  • Workout plan
  • FAQ questions on the event’s Ult Guides will get you better at any ACFT Event you are struggling with… Period.