ACFT Workout Plan

An ACFT workout plan (Army Combat Fitness Test workout plan) is a fitness program designed to help individuals prepare for and perform well in the Army Combat Fitness Test. The ACFT is the U.S. Army’s standard physical fitness test, replacing the previous Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT). It assesses a soldier’s overall physical fitness and readiness for combat.

ACFT Workout Plan PDF

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acft workout plan pdf
Free One Week ACFT Workout Plan pdf

Program Creation

  • Professional Qualifications: A plan designed by an Army veteran with a degree in exercise sport science suggests a combination of practical military experience and academic knowledge. This dual perspective can be beneficial in creating a well-rounded and effective training program.
  • Tailored to ACFT Events: The best ACFT workout plans are specifically designed to target the demands of each ACFT event. This includes incorporating exercises that mimic the movements required in the test, such as deadlifts for the MDL or power-oriented exercises for the Standing Power Throw.
  • Progressive Overload: A good workout plan incorporates the principle of progressive overload, gradually increasing the intensity of workouts to promote continuous improvement. This ensures that soldiers continually challenge themselves and adapt to the demands of the ACFT.

Getting Results

  • Efficiency and Time-Saving: Time efficiency is crucial for military personnel. A well-designed plan should focus on effective and efficient workouts, making the most of the time available for training. This may involve incorporating compound exercises that work for multiple muscle groups simultaneously.
  • Proven Results: A claim that the plan is proven to improve ACFT scores should ideally be supported by data or testimonials from individuals who have successfully used the program. Real-world success stories and positive outcomes can enhance the credibility of the plan.
  • Comprehensive Approach: The best plans take a holistic approach to fitness, addressing not only strength but also endurance, flexibility, and agility. This comprehensive approach ensures that soldiers are well-rounded and better prepared for the diverse challenges presented by the ACFT.
  • Adaptability: A good plan should be adaptable to individual fitness levels and needs. Not all soldiers start at the same fitness level, so a plan that allows for progression and modification based on individual capabilities can be more effective.

Before endorsing or adopting any workout plan, it’s crucial to review it critically, perhaps seeking input from fitness professionals or military trainers. Additionally, consulting with healthcare providers before starting any new fitness regimen is advisable to ensure it’s safe and suitable for individual health conditions.

The Weekly Battle Rhythm

ACFT Workout Plan Schedule
Army Workout Schedule

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ACFT Workout Plan Top Page

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Army ACFT Workout Plan

Below, you will see the week-by-week Monthly Plan

1st Week – Army ACFT Workout Plan

6 & 7

2nd Week

13 & 14

3rd Week

20 & 21

4th Week

27 & 28

ACFT Workout Plan Free

“Unlock the path to improved physical readiness with our free downloadable ACFT workout plan. Crafted by a seasoned Army veteran and an expert in exercise sports science, this comprehensive plan is designed to enhance your performance across all six ACFT events. By following this meticulously structured regimen, you’ll save time, ensuring each workout is purposeful and aligned with the specific demands of the Army Combat Fitness Test. Proven to elevate the scores of soldiers, this plan is a testament to its effectiveness. Download your free copy now and embark on a month-long journey toward peak physical condition, boosting your strength, agility, and endurance for success in the ACFT and beyond.”

AGR (Ability Group Runs) PDF

ACFT Workout Plan Free 1
Free Plan 1

AGR#001 – ACFT Workout Plan Free

Run/Jog2.5 Miles65-70% Max Run16-22min

MDL & SPT (Max Deadlift & Standing Power Throw) PDF

ACFT Workout Plan Free 2
Free Plan 2

MDL & SPT #001 Workout Plan

ExerciseInterval TimeRepetitionsResistanceRounds
Barbell Deadlift45s6-10Heavy4-5x
Shoulder Front Raise45s12-16Med to Heavy4-5x
Total Time3 Minutes12-15min
ExerciseInterval TimeRepetitionsResistanceRounds
KB Dead Up Right Row60s16-20Med to Light4x
Kettlebell Swings60s16-20Light4x
Total Time4 Minutes16 Min

HRP & PLK (Hand Release Push Up & Plank) PDF

ACFT Workout Plan 3
Free Plan 3

HRP & PLK#001 Workout Plan

ExerciseInterval TimeRepetitionsResistanceRounds
Weighted Hand Release Push Ups45s6-10Heavy4-5x
Pull Up or Band Assisted Pull Ups45s6-10Heavy4-5x
Total Time3 Minutes12-15min
Real V- Up102
American Twists162
Bicycle Kicks202
Flutter Kicks202
Plank90 sec2
Rest120 seconds

SDC & CC (Sprint Drag Carry & Combat Conditioning) PDF

ACFT Workout Plan 3
Free Plan 4

SDC & CC#001 Workout Plan

SprintLungeSide ShuffleSquatSprintREST
Round 150 Yards1050 yards1050 Yards3 Min
Round 250 Yards1050 yards1050 Yards3 Min
Round 350 Yards1050 yards1050 Yards3 Min
Run1 Mile65-70%8-12 min

LDR (Long Distance Runs) PDF

Free Plan 5

LDR#001 – Workout Plan

Run/Jog2.5 Miles65-70%20-30min

ACFT Prep Workout Plan

This page will teach you everything you need to know (if you want to learn) on creating an ACFT Workout Plan. There are links and free downloads that will help with any questions you may have.

Creating an ACFT Workout Plan is a 3 Step process

  1. Purpose
  2. Preparation
  3. Execute

For your PT plan to be successful, you MUST know the 3 keys to an ACFT Workout Plan:

  1. Purpose:
    • Muscle Failure or Run Day (Cardio/Conditioning)?
    • What area of the body are you targeting?
    • What ACFT event are you training for?
  2. Preparation:
    • What equipment do you have?
    • What exercises will you perform?
      • (Including sets, reps, and rest periods)
  3. Execution:
    • What style of training will you use?
    • How will you set up and execute the workout?

The 6 Types of Workouts

You will see putting your ACFT workouts into these categories makes it very clean, clear, organized and simple.

  1. SDC & 2MR ACFT Workout Plans
  2. MDL & SPT Muscle Failure ACFT Workout Plans
  3. HRP Muscle Failure ACFT Workout Plans
  4. PLK Muscle Failure ACFT Workout Plans
  5. SDC & Combat Conditioning ACFT Workout Plans
  6. Long Distance Runs ACFT Workout Plans

Creating an ACFT Workout Plan can be challenging for some. If you are not interested in learning how to create an ACFT Workout Plan, I have added some of my favorite workout plans below. I have not only created these workout plans but also tested them out at work. You will love these Army PT Plans. Enjoy!

It is exciting to create an ACFT Plan due to the simple fact that the opportunities are ENDLESS! You can tailor your training plan to any goal you have. When creating a PT schedule for a company or battalion, you will most likely make it as balanced as ACFT Training Plan. Making sure you hit all events at least one time a week. Here is an example below.

Balanced Weekly Plan

Balanced ACFT Training Plan

How to Create an ACFT Workout Plan

Creating an ACFT training plan is a 4 step process.

  1. Know your ACFT Exercises
    • You need to know what exercises will make your better come test day.
  2. Create your ACFT Workouts
    • 15-20 min workouts
  3. Turn it into an ACFT PT Plan
    • The whole 60 min PT session
  4. Schedule your ACFT Training Plan
    • Get that sh*t on the calendar!

Step 1

Knowing the Top ACFT Exercises is key to creating any training plan. Your ACFT workout plan will not be up to par if you do not know what exercises to choose. For example; if you want to get better at hand-release push-ups, squats will not help you!

ACFT Exercises

For More Info on ACFT Exercises – Click Here ->

Step 2

Go through this 6-step process. It may seem like a lot at first, but when you do it many times, you will get good at it. Once you are good at it, you will become faster.

Equipment – ACFT workout plan
Objective – ACFT workout plan
Target Area – ACFT workout plan
Sets Reps Rest – ACFT workout plan
Style – ACFT workout plan
Execution – ACFT workout plan

Once you have all of this figured out, you can create the most effective workout possible. Wasting no time and giving everyone in your group the best opportunity to enhance their fitness levels with your ACFT workout plans.

Step 3


Creating a Plan is very simple. I call it the PT plan sandwich. The tricky part is that you need to keep your workout under 60 minutes (some units do 90 minutes of PT). You simply pick 2-3 ACFT Workout Plans and Sandwich them between your Prep Drills (Warm Up) and Recovery Drills (cool-down & Stretch). Once you know your ACFT workout plans, all you need to do now is, figure out what equipment you will need and how you will set it up. Wahlah! You are finished! Let me explain what I mean so you can create the best ACFT PT Plan for your unit.

The options are endless, and you can get creative with PT plans at this level. For example, in one PT session, I made an MDL, SPT, SDC & 2MR workout for our BC and CSM. It was a really good workout, and everyone thought it was perfectly challenging. I will share the details below.

Workout Plan Examples

If we want to enhance our platoon’s MDL & SDC scores, We would simply pick one Max Dead Lift ACFT workout plan and one Sprint Drag Carry ACFT workout plan and sandwich them between our prep drill and recovery drill.

ACFT Workout Plan Example 1
ExerciseInterval TimeRepetitionsResistanceRounds
Barbell Deadlift45s12Med to Heavy4-5x
Kettlebell Swings45s12Med to Light4-5x
Total Time3 Minutes12-15min
ACFT Workout Plan Example 1
ACFT Workout Plan Example 2
SprintSquat TrustSide ShuffleSquatSprintREST
Round 150 Yards1050 yards1050 Yards3 Min
Round 250 Yards1050 yards1050 Yards3 Min
Round 350 Yards1050 yards1050 Yards3 Min
ACFT Workout Plan Example 2

This is the Summary of the workout above:

ACFT Workout Plan Example 3
Workout Time Line

Then we would contemplate the equipment needed and set-up. Put it all Together, and BAM! You have the best Plan!

Workout Timeline and Focus
Equipment needed and Set-Up
Execution 1
Execution 2

Step 4

When making an ACFT Training Plan, the options are endless. It’s awesome for someone like me with a degree in Exercise Sport Science. It’s not so cool for people who do not. This can get confusing, but I will simplify this for you as much as possible. Then, you can create your very own ACFT training plan.

ACFT Workout Plan Blank Template

Blank Template: Summary, Preparation, Execution