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Fitness Components of an ACFT Training Plan

Resistance Training 101 – Learning the Basics of Resistance, Sets, Reps, and Rest Periods.

Sets, Reps

Choose Your Workout

Robert Gibson
  • Author: Robert Gibson
  • B.S. Exercise Sport Science
  • US Soldier – Active Duty

Done for You – ACFT Workout Plans

As we know, the ACFT is not the same as the APFT. Training like an Athlete is a must now. Focusing on every muscle group and all muscle fibers in the human body. We need to break down our workouts into 4 categories:

  1. Muscular Strength & Endurance Workouts
  2. Run Workouts
  3. HIIT (Fat Loss)
  4. Core

If we can get the proper training plan (weekly PT schedule) and workout plans (daily exercises), we can and will succeed on the ACFT. Continue reading, and we will review every aspect of creating the right plan!

Done for you ACFT Workout Plans

Muscular Strength & Endurance ACFT Workout Plans

These workout plans are designed to increase muscular strength and muscular endurance.

Enhance your ACFT Score:

  • Leg Tuck
  • Deadlift
  • Hand Release Push

Deadlift ACFT Workout Plan

Probably my favorite event in the ACFT. Why? Well, if you are a guy like me and you enjoy working out. This is a time for us gym rats to shine. The old PT Test was all about Soldiers who can run well.

Here is a great workout for the Deadlift Muscles and the Core muscles. These workouts were made for you to do individually or at PT with your platoon/squad.

Dead-Lift ACFT Workout Plan PDF

Dead-Lift ACFT Workout Plan
Download Dead-Lift ACFT Workout Plan Below

Leg Tuck ACFT Workout Plan

ACFT Leg Tuck Workout Plan Video

The Leg Tuck is the #1 failed ACFT event right now. The “old” Army never went on the pull-up bars for PT.

I know my unit did not.

Leg Tuck Muscles ACFT Workout Plan

After Basic Training, it was like those pull up bars didn’t exist anymore. With the new ACFT & the Leg Tuck event, I feel like it is time to brush the dust off those pull up bars and start working on the muscle groups needed for more leg tucks. Below you will see the muscle groups we need to hit.

Leg Tuck Workout Plan PDF

Leg Tuck ACFT Workout Plan
Download Leg Tuck Workout Plan Below

Hand Release Pushup ACFT Workout Plan

This is definitely one of my favorite ACFT Events. Why?

In past APFT tests, I was shocked to see what was considered a push-up. Such poor quality pushup reps were counted on an official PT test. I can not tell you how many times I have been at an APFT and saw Soldiers doing 1/2 reps sometimes even 1/4 reps (just breaking their elbows) and the NCO in the grading lane would count it as a full repetition on the grading sheet.

There is No Way to Cheat Now

  • Your chest MUST hit the ground.
  • Arms must fully extend at the bottom of the rep making a “T”.

Those of you who have been doing half as* push ups. Your time is up and it is time to start training your upper body push muscles.  Do not sweat it. With proper training hitting the minimum requirements will be easy. For those who want to max out. This event is a serious tax on your shoulders and triceps. Follow the workouts below.

Hand Release Push Up Workout Plan

Hand Release Push Up ACFT Workout Plan
Download HRP Workout Plan PDF Below

Core ACFT Workout Plans

Core #1

core # 1 ACFT Workout Plan

Core #2

Core #2 ACFT Workout Plan
Download Core Challenge #2 PDF Below

Run ACFT ACFT Workout Plans

As we all know the 2 Mile Run Event is here to stay. It is a great way to test our aerobic abilities. Below you will find workout plans that will help you lower your 2 mile run time.


In my opinion, AGRs are the best way to check yourself weekly. You will run with the same group of Soldiers. This will allow you to see if you are getting better, worse, or staying the same. Every-time I want to shed some time off my 2-mile run. I start running with the A group.

  • Does it suck? Yes.
  • Do I feel like I can not breathe and I want to die? Absolutely.
  • Do I fall out? Most of the time.
  • Does it shed time off of my 2 Mile Run Time?  Every time!

This is one workout we can NOT take out of our ACFT workout plan.

AGR – ACFT Run Workout PDF

AGR ACFT Workout Plan
Download AGR Workout PDF Below

HIIT (Fat Loss) ACFT Workout Plans

ACFT HIIT workout plans are made to test your physical and mental strength. We want to push it to the limit on these short workouts.

HIIT – High-Intensity Interval Training is a great way to work out in a short period of time.

Sprint Drag Carry ACFT Workout Plan

The SDC event on the ACFT is new to Soldiers. The Sprint Drag Carry is something we have never encountered before. This event will tax the hell out of your Cardiovascular and Glycolytic Systems like no other.

If we are not properly trained for this event. Burnout on 2 mile run will occur.

We must concentrate on performing sprints and training the Glycolytic systems in our bodies. Below is a PERFECT workout plan for the Sprint Drag Carry Event. Enjoy!

Sprint Drag Carry Workout Plan PDF

Sprint Drag Carry ACFT Workout Plan
Download SDC ACFT Workout Plan PDF Below

Combat Sprints Workout

Generally, on Thursday we Soldiers are all doing “Combat” workouts.

Get in your OCPs and do either a Ruck March… a Ruck March or… A Ruck March. 

Not only are Ruck March super boring (in my opinion) but, they will not help much for the ACFT.

Are Ruck Marches Important?

Sure they are. Rucks are something we should do once a month. We need to incorporate more sprints when it comes to creating a Combat Fitness Plan. 

Training our cardiovascular system for sprints will allow us to get ready for the Sprint Drag Carry Event on the ACFT.

Combat Sprints ACFT Run Workout Plan PDF

Combat Sprints ACFT Workout Plan
Download Combat Sprint Workout Plan PDF Below

Standing Power Throw ACFT Workout Plan

What about the push ups and sit up you ask? Let’s get serious! It makes me want to throw up when I see the push ups that get counted as reps on PT tests. I have seen 1/4 reps get counted before.

Especially higher ranking individuals. Some E5 isn’t going to tell his 1SG or Commander they didn’t do a push up correctly. Just not going to happen. So half push ups are counted all the time.

As for sit-ups, all you need to do is flop on the ground correctly and use your hip flexors. No matter what you want to say, the old APFT came down to how well you could run the 2 Mile.

With the NEW ACFT it is time to start getting serious. It is time to start training like a SOLDIER-ATHLETE

Standing Power Throw ACFT Workout Plan

Standing Power Throw ACFT Workout Plan

Create Your Own ACFT Workout Plan

I get a lot of emails and questions asking me for “an ACFT Army Workout Plan”.

Problem: There are a lot of variables when it comes to creating an Army workout plan.

*Especially: If you need to make an ACFT Workout Plan for your Company, Platoon, or Squad.

Making an ACFT Workout Plan is NOT “Too Easy”:

You have a lot to think about:

AH! How to Make ACFT Workout Plan
  • How many Soldiers will I be training?
  • How many Stations do I set up?
  • What exercises do I pick?
  • How many exercises can I lead in 60 min of PT?
  • Am I targeting the correct muscles for the ACFT Event I want to train for?
  • Do I have enough equipment?
  • Is this workout going to be too easy?
  • Is this workout going to be too hard?
  • Will I lose morale?
  • Can I keep them Motivated?
  • How many Sets?
  • Reps?
  • Weight?
  • How long should the Rest Periods be?
  • What is a good schedule to promote muscle recovery?

NCOs or Soldiers putting together an ACFT workout Plan.

I know the pressure that comes when your Platoon Sergeant asks for a workout.

Usually, the night before or the morning of, and says “you need to lead PT”. I have made this page for you! You can quickly go on your phone, come to this page, and have everything you need to create an ACFT workout for any day of the week.

All workouts on the ACFT Army Workout Plan have been TESTED at Home, In the Field or at PT.

I have made a system that incorporates SCIENCE based on knowledge from ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) and NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine). Being a soldier and having a bachelor’s of science in Exercise Sport Science (Ursinus College) I know what is needed for a quality workout in the time frame the Army allows us.

Proper Knowledge

Here you will find – Proper knowledge on rest periods, targeted muscles, reps, and sets.

Again, I am a US Soldier just like you and I realize the difficulty that comes with leading a large number of soldiers and giving them a proper workout. Let’s face it, we have to warm up and we need to cool down. Getting a quality workout in those precious minutes is not easy. I have done all the science for you and I have tested the workouts. Just follow the plan minute by minute and you will give your squad/platoon an excellent workout that will prepare them for the ACFT.

The Army put out an ACFT Training Plan called the ACFT Training Guide you can get some good ACFT training tips in the link below :

When it comes to setting up a Monday – Friday, Minute by Minute Plan for your platoon or Squad. The ACFT Training guide does not have a solid solution for you. That is why I created this page.

1st Step – Know Your Workout Categories

If you don’t know what the workout categories are, you will not know what workouts to make. We have 4 categories

  • Strength Workouts
  • Run Workouts
  • Challenges (HIIT)
  • Core

Strength Workouts

  1. Dead-Lift Training = Leg Day (+ Low Back)
  2. HRP Training = Chest Day (+ Shoulders)
  3. LTK Training = Back Day

Run Workouts (2MR Training)

  1. Sprints Workouts
  2. AGRs
  3. Hill Sprints
  4. Long Run Days

Challenges (HIIT Circuit Training)

  1. SPT Challenges
  2. SDC Challenges

Core Workout

  1. Core Workouts for Muscle Strength & Endurance
  2. Core Workouts for Stability & Endurance

2nd Step – Create Strength Plans

Know Your 3 different Strength Workouts

  1. Dead-Lift Workouts
  2. Hand Release Push Up Workouts
  3. Leg Tuck Workouts
stop Very Important Workout info

Don’t Skip This Part

Set-Up Lanes Properly for Strength Workouts

  • Maximum of 4 Soldiers per lane
  • Minimum of 2 Soldiers per lane
  • Follow – On, Off, On, Off Principle:

If you do not set up your lanes properly. Your ACFT workout plan will be a disaster.

Time is everything for Workout Plan ACFT

You need a stopwatch. So buy one or get your timer app out on your cell phone.

You will call out “SWITCH” every 60 seconds.

Soldier will be allotted 60 seconds to perform each exercise.

The On-Off-On-Off Principle

ACFT on off on off principle ACFT Workout Plan
  • 1st Station is for the Soldier who will be performing the Strength Exercises for that specific event. (The example above is for a Leg Tuck workout.) This soldier will perform Chin-Ups for 60 seconds. He/she will finish. They will go to the back of the line (station 4) and rest, motivate and count reps for the soldier in the 3rd station doing their core exercise.
  • 2nd station is for the soldier who will assist the Soldier on the pull-up bar. They are there to motivate and to assist the (station 1) soldier to perform more reps. This is also a rest period for this soldier. After 60 seconds, they will then move to the pull up bar.
  • 3rd station is for the soldier performing the core exercise. After 60 seconds they will move to station 2 to rest & assist the soldier at station 1.
  • 4th station is for the soldier who just finished on the pull up bar. It is their time to rest, count reps, and motivate the soldier at station 3. Station 4 Soldier will move to the core exercise (station 3) after 60 seconds.

Why does my ACFT Army Workout Plan need to follow the On, Off, On, Off Principle?

why? ACFT Workout Plan
Why does my ACFT Training Plan need this?
  1. Proper Rest
    • We Must get 3 Minutes of rest to build strength. I put this #1 for a reason. According to the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
      • “Maximal strength adaptations are best achieved with relatively long rest periods, generally 3–5 minutes, depending on the client’s level of fitness and intensity of the exercises.”
      •  “Power adaptations also require relatively long rest periods, generally 3–5 minutes, depending on the client’s level of fitness.”
      • PLEASE go to the NASM website to read more on proper rest periods – NASM
  2. Keep Heart Rate Up & Active
    • We all know what happens if Soldiers are standing around doing nothing for 3 minutes… Chaos!
    • Choose an exercise that will not affect our target muscles for that day.
      • Example – Target = Deadlift Strength.
      • Perform a shoulder/core exercise during strength SuperSets.
    • This will keep the heart rate up
  3. Safety & Motivation –
    • Soldiers on rest periods will be:
      1. Assisting,
      2. Counting Reps and,
      3. Motivating soldiers who are performing reps.

3rd Step – Create Run Plans

  1. AGRs
  2. Long Run Days

4th Step – Create HIIT Plans

Challenges are created to enhance our conditioning. Conditioning can be confusing. It can fall under a lot of different titles or styles of workouts. Training for the ACFT, we want to train for specific events. We will have workouts made for our:

  • Core (all events)
  • Strength & Endurance  (Deadlift, Push Up & Leg Tuck events)
  • Aerobic (2 Mile run event) 

We need to concentrate on two more events. 

  1. Standing Power Throw – Power & Explosiveness 
  2. Sprint Drag Carry – Anaerobic Endurance  

We will call these workouts CHALLENGES.

Key Points 

  • SPT exercises are crucial 
    • Swings 
    • Deadlifts 
    • Cleans 
    • Presses 
  • HIIT 
  • Anaerobic 
  • Little or no equipment
    • (when possible)
  • 15 minutes or less
  • Done with minimum space 
  • Can be performed in groups or on your own. 

Exercise List (Examples) 

  • Body Weight Cardio
    • Toe Taps 
    • Imaginary Jump Rope 
    • Split Jumps 
    • ½ Jack
    • Jumping Jacks 
    • Short Sprints
    • Etc.
  • Body Weight Plyos  
    • Burpee 
    • Plyo Push-Ups 
    • Squat Jumps
    • Lunge Jumps 
    • Etc.
  • Body Weight Exercises
    • Hand Release Push Up 
    • Push-Ups (Regular)
    • Lunges
    • Squats
    • Etc

5th Step – Create Core Plans

You must concentrate on hitting all 4 of our CORE muscle groups:

  • Transverse Abdominus
  • Abdominals
  • Obliques
  • Low Back

Benefits of Core Training are:

  • Prevent Injury
  • Improve Power in all athletic movements
  • Greater stability for athletic movement
  • Increase the ability for all ACFT Events

6th Step – Make A PT Schedule

Below you will find a day to day schedule, minute by minute. Every Minute Counts. If you go into creating an ACFT Army workout plan without knowing what you will be doing every single minute, you will fail.

Below you will have Done-For-Your ACFT Training Plans and ACFT Workouts plans. FREE Videos, PDFs, and Images for you to use. Enjoy.

How to Create – ACFT Training Plan

Creating an ACFT training plan can be exhausting. On this page, you will have two options.

  1. Use the plans I have created
  2. Create your own
ACFT Training Plan

Create an ACFT Training Plan in 10 Minutes

Done for YOU ACFT Training Plan

AGR RunHRP #1MDL #1Combat Sprints #1LTK #1WeaknessLight/Stretch
SDC #1SPT #1Core #2Core #1Run 2-4Jog 1-2
Done for You ACFT Training Plan

Monday’s Plan

Target Event2 Mile Run Event
Total Workout Time50-60 Minutes
1. Warm-Up7.5 Minutes
2. Mil Mov Drill5 Minutes
3. AGR (3-4 Mile Run)30-40 Minutes
4. Stretch / AAR7.5 Minutes

Tuesday’s Plan

Target EventsHand Release Push Up
Sprint Drag Carry
Total Workout Time57-64 Minutes
1. Warm-Up7.5 Minutes
2. HRP #128 Minutes
3. SDC #114-21 Minutes
4. Stretch / AAR7.5 Minutes

Wednesday’s Plan

Target EventsDeadlift
Standing Power Throw
Total Workout Time55-61 Minutes
1. Warm-Up7.5 Minutes
2. MDL #128 Minutes
3. SPT #112-18 Minutes
4. Stretch / AAR7.5 Minutes


Target Events2 Mile Run Event
Sprint Drag Carry
Total Workout Time65 Minutes
1. Warm-Up7.5 Minutes
2. Combat Sprint #140 Minutes
3. Core #210 Minutes
4. Stretch / AAR7.5 Minutes


Target EventLeg Tuck Event
Total Workout Time55 Minutes
1. Warm-Up7.5 Minutes
2. LTK #128 Minutes
3. Core #112 Minutes
4. Stretch / AAR7.5 Minutes


Saturday is a day where you will work on your weakest event. Say you are bad at the Deadlift. I would recommend you perform the Deadlift again on Saturday.

If the Leg Tuck is your problem event. You will need to switch up Saturday and Sunday. Have your light day on Saturday and do your Leg Tuck workout again on Sunday.


Take a day off. Rest up.

Active rest day:

If you enjoy working out as I do. Do some light jogging and get in a good relaxing stretch.

Get some great ideas on what you can do on your “active rest day“.

Create Your Own ACFT Training Plan in 6 Easy Steps

  1. Get a Calendar
  • Google Docs
  • Piece of paper
  • Napkin

2. Schedule Dead-Lift Training 1st

  • What days will you have Access to Equipment?
  • Mark them on the Calendar
  • Make sure you reserve the equipment for at least 4 times in the month
  • The deadlift is the ONLY event we MUST have equipment for training.

3. Schedule Run Days

  • As we all know run days must be spread apart from each other to prevent injury
  • Schedule a non-mandatory Run day for Soldier on Saturday

4. Schedule other Strength Workouts

  • LTK Training = Back Day (+ Core)
  • HRP Training = Chest Day (+ Shoulders)
  • We want to make sure strength days are schedule with cardio days between them

5. Schedule Core Challenge

  • Stability
  • Strength & Endurance

6. Challenges / HIIT Training will be scheduled last

  • HIIT Training does not take long
  • We will be doing these Challenge workouts at the end of Strength Days
  • This workout will be a tremendous physical and mental challenge for all Soldiers

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FAQ – ACFT Workout Plans

What is a good ACFT Workout?

As we know, the ACFT is not the same as the APFT. Training like an Athlete is a must now. Focusing on every muscle group and all muscle fibers in the human body. We need to break down our workouts into 4 categories.

Click below to view each:
Strength Workouts
Run Workouts
Challenges (HIIT)
Core Workouts

How do I prepare for the Army ACFT?

To prepare for the Army ACFT you will need to follow these steps:
1. Know the Standards by MOS.
2. Know where YOU rank – Calculate your projected ACFT score.
3. Write down the events you need to improve on.
4. Follow these Workout Plans & Improve your ACFT Score.

How do you train for the ACFT?

1. You need a training plan
2. Follow this (weekly) workout schedule.
3. Be consistent with workouts each week.
4. Click here for your ACFT Workout Plan.

ACFT Workout Plan – 26 Page Program – FREE Download