How to do More ACFT Leg Tucks

How to do More ACFT Leg Tucks  – New Army PT Test

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The Army has 3 exercises to show you if you want to do more Leg Tucks.

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What’s going on guys?  It’s Rob Gibson from  Right now we’re gonna work on our leg tuck for the ACFT.  What I’m going to do is give you some tips tricks that come straight out of the Army Combat Fitness Training guide.  

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Get More Leg Tucks on the New Army PT Test – ACFT

The Bent Leg Raise – this is gonna increase our endurance of our core. Bent leg raise How to do More ACFT Leg Tucks So what we want to do is put our hands in the small of our back, so our spine is not digging into the surface. We also want to be able to hold at least 30 seconds. So that’s your first goal, 30-second and you take a one-minute break.  Now once you start to get better increase it up to 45 seconds then to 60 seconds and soon you’ll see yourself holding this hold for at least two to three minutes.Leg Tuck and Twist How to do More ACFT Leg Tucks The second exercise is the Leg Tuck and Twist. This will strengthen up our core and allow our stomach muscle to get stronger. This will then allow us to do more repetitions on the Leg Tuck on our ACFT. The third exercise is the Alternate Grip Pull-ups. Obviously, for obvious reasons that is a great exercise if you want to increase your Leg Tuck.  It’s gonna get our lats (back muscles) stronger, our forearm grip stronger and not only that but, it’s gonna also work our core.Alt Grip Pull Ups How to do More ACFT Leg Tucks

Alright guys well that’s it for the leg tuck workout. Like I said, if we do this on a consistent basis you will increase your repetitions for your Leg Tuck. So,  if you liked this video and it helped you out, please subscribe and share with your friends


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  1. There is a step missing for those of us who aren’t able to do alternate grip pull ups. It would be helpful to add beginners exercises to work up to pull ups/alternate grip pull ups. The bent leg raise and the leg tuck and twist are helpful,

    1. newpttestarmy says: Reply

      White, below is a video I made. I am on mission right now in Romania so it is a little difficult to do things on the internet. More is to come don’t worry.


  2. newpttestarmy says: Reply

    White, Thanks for the comment. I will be sure to make a blog post on beginner exercises for this event. Thanks again for the input and trying to help others.

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