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ACFT New Army PT Test:  Train for the ACFT Anytime… Anywhere!

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ACFT – New PT Test – Army Guide & Links

On the Site you will find: Training & Workout Plans, PDFs, ACFT Videos, ACFT Events & Standards, the ACFT Score Chart, Proper Form & Technique, Cheat Codes, ACFT Calculator, Info on ACFT Alternate Events, Leg Tuck Programs, News & Motivation. Everything you need is here!

  1. ACFT Events & Standards – A QUICK Break-Down of Each Event, Rules and Regs. 
  2. ACFT Score Chart – Where do YOU Rank in the Army?
  3. Workouts – FREE ACFT Training PDFs, Videos and More!
  4. Proper Form and Technique – Let’s Train & NOT get Hurt!
  5. Cheat Codes – Add 100 points to your ACFT Score now!
  6. ACFT Calculator – FREE Tools – Just Type in your MOS… We’ll Do The Rest!
  7. ACFT Alternate Events – What to do if you have a Profile.
  8. Leg Tuck Tips – #1 FAILED Event. Not for you! Follow these tips.
  9. Standard by MOS – Just type your MOS… We’ll do the rest!


“No Failures” on the ACFT.

By Robert Gibson

I am excited to make this website for all of you because I want to see ZERO failure on this test. I am all about helping those who try. It is my pleasure to create a one-stop-website for all information and training tips on the ACFT, The new Army PT test.

Brining you information from the top websites on the ACFT and my knowledge on Exercise and Sport Science. The information on this website will always be Top-Notch! Information will come from professionals and always be backed by science. Info will largely come from the following:

  1. The Army – https://www.army.mil/acft/ 
  2. ACFT IOC – ACFT – IOC (pdf)
  3. My College Education – ACSM American College of Sports Medicine
  4. National Training Certificate I Earned –  NASM National Academy of Sports Medicine
  5. YouTubers with Experience – YouTube.com