My Mission



Mission for Website

  • Bachelor’s Degree Science – Exercise Sport Science – Ursinus College Ursinus College Leg Tuck ACFT
  • 12 years Personal Training experience
  • Active Duty – United States Army – 2017-Present
    • A REAL Soldier motivated to stay fit with REAL Soldier Problems like:
      • time management
      • lack of equipment
      • constant changing of location due to missions
      • family

Why did I create this website?

  1. I want to see no failures in the Army when it comes to fitness. I will do whatever it takes to help soldier in the US Army Achieve the fitness level they need and desire.
  2. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the old APFT because I felt like this test caused many injuries and was not a TRUE test of fitness.
  3. Now that we have a “real” test of fitness. A test that truly defines a Soldier’s fitness level. A level of fitness that only the STRONGEST and BEST Military Force in the world holds. The US Army! I am excited to help anyone who is willing. 

What you will find here at

I know prior to basic training I wish I had a one-stop source for all the questions I had about military fitness and training. I want to bring that to the world.  Now that the new PT test here, I hear so many questions about the ACFT everywhere I go on base. In order to train properly, stay healthy and get in the best shape possible we need to come together on one platform. Together we will:

  1. Provide proper knowledge about the new Army PT Test (ACFT)

  2. Give sound advice on training for the ACFT to all our peers

    1. Proper form and execution on exercises
    2. Simple yet effective workout plans
    3. Sound nutrition advice
  3. Build a community with those who want to help others and better themselves


We Want YOU!mission about

We would all love to hear your advice.

Bring your knowledge (Rules and Regulations), Ideas, tips, workout plans and advice to

Email to help others become successful.

I myself am always looking for new and exciting exercises / workouts.

Let’s hear what you got!



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