Burp (no jumping Burpee)

Performing a Burp or a burpee without jumping is a modified version of the traditional burpee that eliminates the jumping component. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Video Instructions On How To Do A Burp (No-Jump Burpee)

  1. Start Position: Begin by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, and your arms relaxed at your sides.
  2. Squat Down: Lower your body into a squatting position by bending at the hips and knees. Keep your back straight, chest up, and engage your core.
  3. Place Hands on the Floor: Place your hands on the floor in front of you. You can either place them directly in front of your feet or shoulder-width apart, depending on your comfort.
  4. Step Back: Step one foot back, followed by the other, into a plank position. Your body should now be in a straight line from head to heels. Keep your core tight to maintain a strong plank position.
  5. Hold Plank: Instead of jumping or performing a push-up, hold the plank position for a brief moment. This engages your core and works your upper body and lower body muscles.
  6. Step Forward: Bring one foot forward, followed by the other, returning to the squat position. Maintain a strong core and upright posture.
  7. Stand Up: Stand up from the squat position, returning to the starting position. Make sure to stand tall and extend your hips fully.
  8. Repeat: Repeat the entire sequence for the desired number of repetitions.


  • Focus on maintaining good form throughout the exercise to prevent injury.
  • Control your movements and pace yourself.
  • If you’re new to exercise or have any health concerns, it’s always a good idea to consult with a fitness professional or healthcare provider before starting a new workout routine.

This modified burpee provides a low-impact option while still engaging multiple muscle groups and providing cardiovascular benefits.