Lunges are a great exercise for strengthening and toning the lower body, including the muscles in your legs and buttocks. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to perform a basic forward lunge:

Video Instructions on How to do a Lunge

Forward Lunge:

Starting Position:

  1. Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Keep your posture upright, shoulders relaxed, and engage your core muscles.


  1. Take a step forward with your right foot, ensuring that your knee is directly above your ankle. Your left heel will be lifted.
  2. Lower your body straight down by bending both knees. Your back knee should hover just above the ground, forming a 90-degree angle with your front knee. Keep your torso upright, and avoid leaning forward.
  3. Push through your right heel to return to the starting position.


  1. Repeat the movement on the other side by stepping forward with your left foot.


  • Ensure that your knee does not go past your toes when lunging to protect your joints.
  • Keep your core engaged throughout the movement to maintain balance.
  • Focus on a smooth, controlled motion rather than rushing through the exercise.
  • You can use dumbbells to add resistance once you’ve mastered the basic form.


  1. Reverse Lunge: Instead of stepping forward, step backward into the lunge.
  2. Walking Lunge: Perform lunges while walking forward, alternating legs with each step.
  3. Lateral Lunge: Step to the side rather than forward, lunging towards one side.

Remember to start with a few repetitions and gradually increase as your strength improves. If you have any existing health conditions or concerns, it’s always a good idea to consult with a fitness professional or healthcare provider before starting a new exercise routine.