Changes to ACFT – Standards by MOS Update – OCT FY20

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NEW UPDATED – FY 2020 OCT 1 – Standards by MOS – Category Standards

 6 BIGGEST Changes to the ACFT Event Standards

  1. Deadlift 

    1. Max and Min standards will stay the same for most part EXCEPT…
    2. Black & Grey standards for “Significant” and “Heavy” MOS moved up 20 pounds
  2. Standing Power Throw

    standing power throw med ball power jumps acft new pt test
    1. Maximum moved from 13.5 Meters to 12.5 Meters
    2. Heavy” physical demand has been LOWERED 1/2 a meter to 8.0 Meters
  3. Hand-Release Push-ups

    ACFT Events - Hand Release Push Up 2
    ACFT Events – Hand Release Push Up 2
    • It is NOW the T-Push UP…  Yes it is Official!!! No more Hand Release Push Ups
    • Now you only have to do 60 T-Push Ups to max out
      • Old max-out score was 70 (Hand-Release) Push Ups
  4. The Sprint-Drag-Carry

    1. Yep!  It got harder
    2. If you want to MAX-OUT the SDC you need to finish it under 1:33
    3. Minimum score dropped down 35 seconds.  
  5. Leg Tuck
    1. Same ol’… Same ol’
    2. 20 reps = max
    3. 1 reps = pass
  6. The 2-mile run

    1. THANK GOD!!! They finally realized 2 Mile times would drop
      1. The new MAX is 45 seconds slower = 13:30.
      2. The bare minimum went from 21:07 to 21:00.


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  • Sgt. Maj. of the Army Michael Grinston,
  • Command Sgt. Maj. Timothy Guden (Training and Doctrine Command), and
  • Command Sgt. Maj. Edward Mitchell (Center for Initial Military Training
There are more updates on ACFT changes at please be sure to look here will have have all the latest on the ACFT.


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