Leg Tuck Army ACFT – Progressive Workout Program

Leg Tuck Army ACFT

If you are looking to get better at the ACFT Leg Tuck for the Army ACFT then you have come to the right page. On this page you will find everything you need to get more reps on the Army Combat Fitness Test. Below we will go over – weight loss, pull exercises, muscles of the Leg Tuck, and four workout programs that range from beginner to advanced. Be sure to comment or email us at ArmyCombatfitness@gmail.com if you have any questions. Enjoy!

As you can see, these workouts are tested at PT.

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Muscles of the Army Leg Tuck

all muscles of the leg tuck

Upper Body Muscles of the Leg Tuck

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbVoZxGAXq0VClKH3eVeLYQ


For a long time now the Army has been neglecting “Pull Exercises”. We need to start concentrating on these exercises or we will see a lot of ACFT failures in the near future.

Female Soldiers will tend to have a much stronger lower body than upper body and this is why we see many females struggle with the Leg Tuck Event.

In male Soldiers we see a lot of Leg Tuck failures due to the lack of strength in the Pull Muscles (Lats, Rear Deltoids and Biceps) and Over-Strength in the Push Muscles (Chest, Front Deltoids and Triceps). Meaning a lot of males are doing too many push ups, bench presses etc. and not enough pull ups or chin ups in the gym or at PT.

Lets learn about the muscle we need to concentrate on:

  1. Upper Body Pull Muscles

Army Leg Tuck ACFT Biceps Muscle


Due to the Alternate grip used on the Leg Tuck. The biceps will be one of the main muscles that will be used to pull you body up to the bar.

Latissimus Dorsi

Lat Dorsi Army Leg Tuck ACFT Muscle

The Latissimus Dorsi (or Lats) are the next main muscle in pulling your body up to the bar. These muscles are active anytime you do Chin Ups, Pull Ups, Dumbbell Rows or anytime you are PULLINGS weight/resistance towards you. When it comes to force production and the Leg Tuck the biceps are used more but, the Lats are the secondary movers and will assist you in a better / more controlled Leg Tuck towards the bar. THIS MUSCLE IS IMPORTANT!

Forearms and Grip (Hand) Muscles

ACFT Leg Tuck Forearm strength
More on Forearms click here

Look at all those fancy named muscles in your forearm. Yes, we need to train them all. Yes, they need to get strong and have good endurance. But don’t worry, you don’t need to train them all individually. Thank God. I can’t tell you how many Soldiers (myself included) who record less Leg Tuck rep because their forearm grip gives out and they drop off the bar before the Lats or Core quit.  If you cant hold your body weight on the bar. How on earth do you expect to do an Alt. Grip Chin Up and then bring your knees to your elbow? You simply can not. That is why this muscle group needs to be trained and ready to go prior to attempting any Leg Tucks reps whatsoever.



2. The Front Core Muscles

Core muscles of the Army Leg Tuck ACFT

1. Rectus Abdominis

When we think of the Rectus Abdominal Muscles we instantly think 6 Pack! This is the muscle we all love to see on our bodies. These are the muscles that start to pop-out when our diet is on point and we have been training hard. The Rectus Abdominis connect the rip cage to your hips. The purpose of this muscle is to tilt the rips and pelvis towards each other. Crazy! Thats exactly what we need to do while performing the Leg Tuck. So yes this is the number one muscle we need to work in the core when it comes to bringing our knees to our chest during the Leg Tuck Event.

2. Internal and External Obliques

obliques muscles for leg tuck event
more oblique pics – click here

The obliques are know as the “Twisting Muscles” of the trunk. They allow our body to rotate at the hips and core…. OR they stop our body from twisting at the core and keep your body nice and steady. Ever see someone doing a Leg Tuck and they cant keep their body straight? You see them swinging all around and have poor form? Well, this is due to having weak internal and external Oblique Muscles.  The more steady you can keep the body, the less twisting. This will conserve energy allow you to perform more reps on the Leg Tuck. Let’s make sure we train these muscles regularly and allow our body to have control on the up and downward motion of the knees while performing Leg Tucks. We never know who will being grading us on the ACFT and what they will/will NOT count as a rep.

3. Iliopsoas

iliopsoas muscle for the Army Leg Tuck ACFT

A very important muscle on the Leg Tuck. Why? Well, this is the muscle that works after the Abs have brought your knees/Thighs past 90 degrees. Meaning once your knees get past your hip area and you are about to bring the knees to you elbows… You know the hardest part of the leg tuck? Yea, that part. Training this muscle will allow us to get the knees to our elbow with ease. Lets start incorporating these bad boys in our training program so we can perform more Leg Tuck reps on the pull up bar.


4. Rectus Femoris

rectus femoris quad muscle for Army Leg Tuck ACFT
See more about the Rec. Femoris here: http://www.dailybandha.com/2014/06/the-rectus-femoris-muscle-in-yoga.html?spref=pi

We have 4 muscles in the Quad. Oh snap! That’s why the call them quads? Yes. The Rectus Femoris is one of the four quad muscle and is very important in the Leg Tuck.

You should know this muscle very well from doing the APFT. Remember doing your 2 minutes of sit ups and getting off the ground and wondering why your legs hurt but your abs do not? This is because your Rectus Femoris is apart of your Core. This muscle bring our torso towards the thighs or vice versa. A Leg Tuck Rep is just like doing a sit up… but much harder because you have to hold your body which is suspended off a bar while performing a pull up. So wither you are still taking the APFT or the ACFT this is a crucial muscle to train for getting a better PT score.



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Progression is KEY for the Army ACFT Leg Tuck

    • Where are you at?
      • You need to understand where you are at. Can you do 2 reps under control? Can you do 10 reps? No Reps? Wherever you are at it, DOES NOT MATTER! You can and you will get stronger. You just need to start NOW.
    • Don’t Quit on yourself
      • You need to understand just because you can NOT do a single Leg Tuck right now, does not mean you can’t do multiply reps a months from now.
    • Plan of action and stick to it!
      • You need to PROGRESSIVELY get you body lighter and get your Pull/Core Muscles Stronger. It that simple. Follow the Leg Tuck Program below and you will be getting multiple reps guaranteed.
questions for the Army Leg Tuck ACFT

Progressive Exercises For Pull Muscles

  1. Body Rows

  2. Hang and Hold

  3. Alt Grip Negatives

  4. Jack Knife Chin Ups

  5. Knee Tuck Negatives

  6. Band Chin/Alt Pull Ups

  7. Chin Up Knee Tuck

  8. Leg Tucks



Progressive Exercises for Core Muscles

  1. The Rower –

  2. Planks –

  3. Bicycles Kicks –

  4. V-Up (Army) –

  5. Leg Tuck and Twists –

  6. V-Up –

  7. Weighted V-Up –

  8. Wheel/BB Rollouts –

rollouts for the Army Leg Tuck ACFT

Note: if you do NOT own a wheel you can use a barbell



Finisher Exercises to Improve Grip Strength

  • Forearm Strength is KEY

    • If you can’t grip the bar and hold our body weight on the bar… How do you expect to do a single Leg Tuck Rep?  I do not think a further explanation is needed on the importance of our grip strength.
    • Any pull exercise will work grips strength Including Deadlifts (another ACFT Event)
    • Please review and get familiar with Grip Strengthening exercises.
  • Gripping the Pull Up Bar

    • In general, you want to use a grip that you feel most comfortable with. There is no rule stating you have to use the Right or Left Grip. But you MUST use an Alternating grip. No other grip is authorized for the Leg Tuck.
    • It is recommended:

      • If you are left hand dominate (left arm is your strong arm) you use the Alternating Grip Left – where you left hand is closest to your face. (see picture below)
      • If you are right hand dominated (right arm is your strong arm) you use the Alternating Grip Right – where your right hand is closest to your face. (see picture below)

        different grips for the Army Leg Tuck ACFT
  • Gripping Exercises for your Workouts

carry pigs for the Army Leg Tuck ACFT

Get some pigs. Get some rope! Let’s GET TO WORK!
Hahah… just kidding. Sorry I had to put this picture in this post.

Now let’s get serious again and talk about some exercises for your forearm strength. These exercises are not only challenging for your forearms, but they will pose a mental challenge as well.

Farmer’s Walk With Towel

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbVoZxGAXq0VClKH3eVeLYQ


How to perform: 

2 towels – 14 inches wide & 22 inches long

2 weights – you can use Plates, Dumbbells, or Kettlebells

Loop towel safely around the handle of your kettlebell/Dumbbell or through the center of the plates. Grip the 2 ends of the towel with good posture and shoulders back. Walk from the starting point to your end point 50 yards away. Your goal is to walk all the way to the 50 yard mark, turn around and bring the weights back.  Rest 1 minute and perform again for 3 sets. Once you have mastered that. You want to drop your rest time to 30 second. Master that. Then drop your rest time to zero seconds. Meaning you will be carrying the weights for 300 yards with no rest. This is a great workout for mental strength and forearm strength at the end of your Leg Tuck Workout.

Plate Pinchers Farmers Walk

Grip strength for leg tucks in the Army

How to perform:

This is just a variation of the Farmer’s Walk with Towel. Instead of gripping a towel you will use plates (see picture above) and follow the instructions above. 

More on grip strength: https://breakingmuscle.com/fitness/bulletproof-your-grip-strength

The Army Leg Tuck Workout Program (ACFT)

Step 1 – Know your Level:

      • Beginner: 0 -2 Leg Tucks

      • Novice: 2-4 Leg Tucks 

      • Intermediate: 4-6 Leg Tucks

      • Advanced: 7-10 Leg Tucks


Step 2 – Your Army Leg Tuck Workout:

Now you know what level you are… Find your workout below.


Level 1 Workout – Leg Tuck Army ACFT

“I am able to perform 0-2 Controlled Reps”

Beginner Leg Tuck Training Program –

Army Leg Tuck ACFT level 1
Leg Tuck Workout Program Level 1 – Beginner

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbVoZxGAXq0VClKH3eVeLYQ


Level 2 Workout – Leg Tuck Army ACFT

“I am able to perform 2-4 Controlled Reps”

Novice Leg Tuck Training Program

Army Leg Tuck ACFT Level 2
Leg Tuck Workout Program Level 2 – Novice

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbVoZxGAXq0VClKH3eVeLYQ


Level 3 Workout – Leg Tuck Army ACFT

“I am able to perform 4-6 Controlled Reps”

Intermediate Leg Tuck Training Program

Army Leg Tuck ACFT level 3
Leg Tuck Workout Program Level 3 – Intermediate

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbVoZxGAXq0VClKH3eVeLYQ


 Level 4 Workout – Leg Tuck Army ACFT

“I am able to perform 7-10 Controlled Reps”

Advanced Leg Tuck Training Program

Army Leg Tuck ACFT Level 4
Leg Tuck Workout Program Level 4 – Advanced

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbVoZxGAXq0VClKH3eVeLYQ


Write down or Print out the Workout Program Beginner (level 1) to Advanced (level 4) are in a downloadable PDF for you. ENJOY!

Army Leg Tuck ACFT download the PDF

Leg Tuck Workouts – ACFT Training Program – Level 1, 2, 3, & 4

Step 3 – Learn:

Watch the videos above (in the beginning of this page) and learn the Exercises before performing Leg Tuck Workouts.

Step 4 – Execute:

  • Schedule your workouts
    • Example 1: Novice Leg Weekly Tuck Split (Level 2)

      Example 2: Leg Tuck Weekly Split (Level 2)
    •  3 TIMES A WEEK – if you notice that the Leg Tuck Event is what you struggle with most on the ACFT.  I recommend doing these workouts 3 TIMES A WEEK
    • Schedule Workouts so you can give muscles a day of rest
      • Example MON, WED, FRI
      • or TUE, THURS and SAT
    • Time. Remember this is extra work that YOU NEED TO DO on your OWN TIME if you want to improve your Leg Tucks for the ACFT. YOU NEED TO MAKE THE TIME.


  • Equipment, No excuses:

    • Bands – they are very inexpensive and a MUST investment. Go and borrow bands from the gym, the Beaver Fit or buy some online. Too Easy.
    • Plates – If you do not own plates for grip exercises. Go to the Gym or load up your high speed Army green duffle bags with some weight.
    • Wheel – They cost $12… go to the PX and buy a wheel. Or you can just use the barbells in the gym and put small weights on the sides of the barbell.
    • Towels – We all have towels… Unless you don’t shower, we have a bigger problem then Leg Tuck workouts to worry about then.
    • Time – These workouts should only take 45 minutes. Unless you are just starting out and taking longer breaks and prescribed. 45 min is all you need. You can do these on your time off. One Workout requires a battle buddy (if you don’t have a battle buddy use Bands or vice versa) but for the most part all of these workouts need little equipment and can be done at the gym, in your barracks room, at home or outside on base (find the Pull Up Bars and Dip Bars on your base).


  • LEVEL UP!:

    • To advance from Beginner (level 1) to Advanced (level 4)
    •  Must perform the workouts on a weekly basis, 3 times a week.
    • Only advance to the next level ONCE YOU CAN PERFORM ALL THE REPS IN A CONTROLLED MANNER for that workout.
    • Recovery Time – ONLY Rest for only 2 MINUTES after each Super-Set
    • Swinging, Kipping and Cheating on you repetitions will only get you injured or reps that do not count on your ACFT. If you see your self cheating a little thats OK.  The reps do not have to be perfect. BUT! If you see yourself cheating on more than 25% of your reps you are not ready to move on to the next Level.

Good Luck and please let me know about your progress. Please let me know if you have any questions. Just email me at ArmyCombatFitness@gmail.com


Leg Tuck Tips Bonus

Your Weight & Getting More Leg Tucks on the Army ACFT

More on Weight loss: https://www.mirrormirrorhouston.com/blog/get-skinny-fat

It doesn’t matter if you are packing on the pounds through body fat or pure muscle. Either way this presents a challenge to pulling your body up to that bar during the Leg Tuck. Also, if we have a large belly… guess what gets in the way of bringing your knees to your elbows?

So, the heavier you are the harder it is going to be to pull your body to that bar. We need to focus on getting our body as lean as possible without losing upper body and core strength. So while we drop weight, we do NOT want to lose muscle (especially in our Upper Body Pull Muscles and in our core). We want to get rid of any unnecessary weight like body fat.

    • Weight Loss tips

      • MACROS –

        • If you are serious about losing weight you need to look at your macros. Everyone who is serious about being in shape will tell you. It is all about your diet. Now if you are not getting the right amount of FAT, CARBS or PROTEIN. You will not succeed in losing weight. End of story. Take a look at what macros are and how you can get your macros right for weight loss.


 Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MindOverMunch


      • You will need to figure out what works best for you. I personally see the best results  with a higher Protein percentage and a lower Carb percentage.
      • My personal macros = 2,000 calories
        • Protein = 220 grams = 44%
        • Fat = 75 grams = 34%
        • Carbs = 110 grams = 22%
      • Recommended % intake for each Macro:
        • 45–65% calories from carbs
        • 20–35% calories from fats 
        • 10–35% calories from proteins


      • If you need help with your personal macros just email me at Armycombatfitness@gmail.com


      • Burn more calories than you eat –

        • Sounds simple but you need to realize that you can only go into a 500-750 calorie deficit each day if you want to lose weight and keep muscle. This means plan on losing about 1 pound – 1.5 pounds a week.  That is if you stick to your Macros everyday without missing one day.


YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4rlAVgAK0SGk-yTfe48Qpw

      • Stop drinking alcohol.

        • NO drink Army Leg Tuck ACFT

          NO ONE knows more than me. Alcohol can messed up a lot more than your macros and calorie deficit. Alcohol not only stops your body from repair but also SHUTS DOWN your METABOLISM.  So if you want to lose weight and put on muscle… I would highly recommend cutting out the booz. You cant get “wastey face” every weekend and wonder why you’re not getting results. It may not be what you want to hear but it’s true.

          Pull Exercises are your NEW BEST FRIEND

pull exercises for the Army Leg Tuck ACFT
check out this pin on pull exercises: https://pin.it/lgr6hfv3ai3c2w
    • As we all know the OLD ARMY was all about Sit Ups and Pushups.
      • Think about Basic Training how many Pushups did you do? You did so many your head would spin trying to figure it out.
      • Now how many pull ups did you do? May take a second to figure out but you probably did about 5-10 a week when you performed muscle failure 2 times a week, once a week you would be on the pull up bars.i love push ups army acft
      • Once you got into the real Army, how many did you do? Maybe 5-10 a month?
      • This is what the Army is trying to stop. They want a well rounded combat athlete. So if you continue reading below you will find out what muscles are labeled “Pull-Muscles”, Exercises to perform to make these “Pull-Muscles” strong and 4 Progressive Workouts to help you kill it on the Leg Tuck Event.



Want more on Leg Tuck Workouts click here –> https://newpttestarmy.com/how-to-do-more-leg-tucks-acft-new-army-pt-test/

Download the Entire Page and print it out on PDF Format. Just click the link below:

ACFT Leg Tuck Army Progressive workout Program.pdf